Chapter XXI

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A week later

"WELCOME MALDIVES!" Lisa was so hyped up when they arrived at the said place. They used a private plane owned by Solar's family.

Seulgi planned this trip. She wanted to have fun until she get knot to Irene. She all invited her friends including Moonbyul, Solar, Rosé, Lisa, Yeri, Joy and Wendy. They all met in high school and some attended the same university in college. Of course, Jennie, Jisoo and Mina are there, too. At first, Mina doesn't want to go because she feels that she's an outcast but Irene convinced her to come.

They waited a couple of minutes until their van arrived to fetch them and drove them to the beach resort. The van is spacious enough to accumulate them all.

Jennie was the first one to get inside and went to the last row followed by Lisa, Chaeng, and Joy. Then Jisoo, Mina, Yeri and Wendy went to fill up the next row. The remaining four also get inside and they all made their way to their destination.

Mina noticed that Jisoo is sleepy but she can't sleep because her head keeps hitting the window. So, Mina gently placed Jisoo's head in her shoulder. So the older one gets comfortable.

"Thank you." Jisoo said.

"Psh." Jennie witnessed that scene, she rolled her eyes and puts on her sunglasses.

"It's my right to be hellish, I still get jealous~" Lisa teasefully sang.

Jennie just elbowed her.

"My shoulder is more comfortable than hers." Jennie whispered.

"What did you say unnie? Your sh-" Jennie covered Lisa's mouth right before Lisa finished her sentence.

"Shut up."

The group started to move out from the van and started to pick up their luggages in the compartment. The beautiful view of the beach welcomed them.

"Where would you like to stay, in the villa or floating cottage?" Seulgi asked.

"Let's try the floating cottage." Yeri said. Everyone agreed.

"Our group will be divided into two. There's only two available cottages. Who will going to be roomates?" Seulgi said.

"Seulgi, Byul, Jennie, Wendy, Lisa and Mina. You guys will be roomates. To those names I didn't mention, we're roomates." Irene said.

Some disagreed but in the end, Irene's suggestions prevailed. They went to their respective cottages.

"This is gonna be fun." Lisa squealed while looking at Jennie. Jennie just glared at her. Mina just stood there not minding about Lisa and Jennie.

The group met to have their dinner at a seafood restaurant.

Their food is already served. All of them were drooling on the amount of foods placed on their long table.

Mina is assisting and serving Jisoo some foods. She was about to give Jisoo buttered shrimp when Jennie suddenly blurted out something.

"Jisoo doesn't like shrimp 'cause she's allergic to that."

Mina felt embarrassed. Jisoo just held her hand and squeezed.

"It's okay." Jisoo said and smiled to Mina.

All eyes are on Jennie. The latter is obviously jealous about the two. They started to dig in and munch their food. They're talking and laughing on some random things when Jisoo suddenly choked.

Mina and Jennie got good reflexes, they offered water to Jisoo at the same time.

"Here." They both said in unison.


Jisoo gladly took the water that Mina offered.

"Thank you." She said.

"Let me have that water Jen, I'm thirsty. Thank you." Seulgi then took the water from Jennie.

The continue to eat on their meal and when they're done, the group separated into two and went to their cottages.

"Let's all go to sleep. I know we're all tired from the flight. Good night everyone." Solar said.


Jennie woke up first. She looked at the clock and it's still 4:30 AM. She went to the bathroom and do her morning rituals. She wore sweatpants and sweater and made her way to the sea shore. The sun isn't up yet. As she's going near to the beach, she saw a familiar figure sitting up on the the white sand. She didn't hesitate to go and sit with her.

"Why are you up so early?" Jennie asked and made the older girl shocked on her sudden appearance.

"Body clock. You?" Jisoo said.


"Hey, about that night.." Jennie started.

"I don't want to talk about it."

"What was that Jisoo? You kissed me back. Please, let's give our relationship one more shot. I know you still love me. I can see it on your eyes." Jennie begged.


"Why are you here, Jennie Kim?" Jisoo said as she saw Jennie walking towards her.

"I just want to see the city lights and the stars. You, why are you here?" Jennie askes.

"It's nothing that concerns you." Jisoo said and gulps on her beer.

"Why does everytime I see you, it just reminds me of that day you cheated. I tried forgiving you, giving you a chance but the scene keeps on repeating on my mind everytime I hear your name or everytime I see you. Why did you even do that? Am I not enough? You didn't even try to run after me." Jennie didn't expect Jisoo's sudden outburst. The older girl is now crying, and a bit drunk.

"When you had a project abroad, I was not used being away with you. It's so hard on my part. I missed you so much that I gave my attention to the person who I met at the club. I know it's a mistake but I started liking the feeling that Nayeon's giving me. It was all plain lust. You're the one that I love." Jennie said.

"Run after you? I did. But I was too late. It took me less than a week to gather all my courage to face you but Seulgi said you left already and went to Japan again. I asked what's your address. I went there, to ask for forgiveness. I, a fucking coward, backed out when  I saw you with Mina kissing infront your apartment." Jennie continued.

Jisoo was trying to absorb all the words Jennie said.

"Y-you went to Japan?"

"I did."

"Why didn't you appproach me?"

"You were with Mina. I was hurt. And I don't want to ruin whatever relationship you two have."

"We didn't kiss yet."

"But I saw you and Mina kissing."

"You're stup-"

Jennie crashed her lips against Jisoo. Jisoo tried to pull away but Jennie is strong enough. She then kissed Jennie back. But when Mina suddenly popped up in her mind, with all her might, she pulled away. She ran as fast as she can, and went to her car. She drove away. Jennie tried to chase her but Jisoo left so quickly.

"Jennie, that night was a mistake. I was drunk, I didn't know why I kissed you back. Forget about it and move on from me. I have Mina now." Jisoo left.

Jennie just stood there not believing Jisoo's words. She let out a chuckle and a tear fell in her face.

"A mistake?"

She looked up at the sky, and the sun starts to rise.


Happy new year!

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