Chapter XXIII

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After that incident , Mina stayed beside Jisoo the whole time while the others continued to swim at the beach. Before the sky turned into dark, they got out from the water. The girls washed up and changed into more comfortable clothes.

They went back to the shore, Seulgi and her roommates searched some woods for their mini bonfire while Irene and her roomies prepare the hotdogs, sausages, marshmallows and the drinks.

When everything finally settled up, they set up their chairs forming a circle, surrounding the fire. Rosé took her guitar for their jamming session.

Some already started drinking on their beers and wine, some also started to roast mallows.

"Let's all raise our glasses/bottles for the soon-to-be married couple, SeulRene. Cheers!" Moonbyul said and everyone raised theirs and toast it to the person beside them.

"Thank you, guys. Can't wait to finally called my soon-to-be ex girlfriend, a wife." Seulgi said while looking so lovely at Irene. And Irene caught blushing.

"Solar and Byul, you're next." Irene said.

And everyone teased them.

"We'll get there, soon." Solar winked.

"Enough with that. Let's start our jamming sesh. Park Chaeyoung, just get it started." Jennie took a sip from her beer.

Rosé then strarted to strum her guitar and sang Bruno Mars', Count on me (a/n lol) Everyone went along to the song.

" can count on me 'cause I can count on you" They all sang the last line with perfect harmonization.

"That was good." Wendy said.

"You have to sing next." Joy said. Rosé handed her guitar to Wendy because the girl knows also to play the instrument.

The other girls who wanted to sing also sang their chosen songs. Seulgi felt like serenading Irene when it's her turn to sing.

"Who wants to sing next?" Seulgi asked the group.

"Me." Jennie and Mina said at the same time. And the atmosphere was filled with awkwardness. All eyes were on them

Yeri fake coughed and that made everyone looked unto her. "Who would go first?"

"You should go first, Mina." Jennie smiled to her.

"Uhm okay."

Mina took the guitar and played a song from Lauv, Paris in the rain.

All I know is
We could go anywhere, we could do
Anything, girl, whatever the mood we're in
Yeah, all I know is
Getting lost late at night under stars
Finding love standing right where we are
Your lips, they pull me in the moment
You and I alone and
People may be watching, I don't mind

Mina sang the first verse looking lovingly at Jisoo.

'Cause anywhere with you feels right
Anywhere with you feels like Paris in the rain, Paris in the rain
We don't need a fancy town or bottles that we can't pronounce
'Cause anywhere babe is like Paris in the rain
When I'm with you, when I'm with you
Paris in the rain, Paris in the rain

Jealous nini is back at it again. Trying to hold back her tears watching the two. She realized that she's a ball of a fucker for losing Jisoo who's beyond perfection. And Jennie can't help to envy Mina for having someone like her ex girl.

'Cause anywhere with you feel right
Anywhere with you feels like Paris in the rain, Paris in the rain
Walking down an empty street
Puddles underneath our feet

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