Chapter XX

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"Uhm, Hi." Jisoo said awkwardly when she saw Jennie.

"Hey, ba- Jisoo." Jennie turned nervous. Her heart starts beating fast.

"What's taking you so long?" Jisoo asked to Mina.

"I bumped into her. It was my fault." Jennie interrupted.

"No, it's okay. It was an accident. I'm really glad to see you here." Mina said not knowing it was Jennie Kim, Jisoo's ex girlfriend.

"You know each other?" Jisoo asked feeling confused.

"I met her at J-"

"Hey, Jenjen! Opps. What do we have here? A little reunion? Kidding." Seulgi joked.

"So funny." Jennie said with sarcasm.

"What do you need, Kang?"

"Sorry to interrupt you but your mom is calling you. You need to go stage." Seulgi said and left.

Jennie excused herself from the two and made her way to where her mom is. The two went back to their respective seats.

"Good evening, everyone." They all set their attention to the one speaking infront. It was Jennie's mom.

"I would like to introduced to you my daughter who recently graduated from law school and took her bar examination and thankfully passed. My one and only daughter, Atty. Jennie Kim."

Everyone clapped their hands. Mrs Kim handed the mic to Jennie. Mina was shocked.

"Why am I so stupid? So, she's Jennie Kim? The one who hurted Jisoo. Wow, small world, indeed." Mina said to herself.

"Thank you everyone who went here tonight. Thank you to my mom for everything. I wouldn't be here if it's not for you. To my bestfriend, Kang Seulgi, thank you for being by my side. Please, enjoy the night, everyone." Jennie said and went down.

The guests gave a round applause and after that they all sat down. Music started to be heard in the garden.

"Hey, you okay?" Jisoo asked to Mina.

"I'm okay. Don't worry about me." Mina smiled.

Everyone continues to socialize, to drink, eat and have some fun. But the two stayed on their seats watching all people having fun and all. Then the party is almost over, people start to go home.

"Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Kim, Irene unnie, Mina-ssi and Jisoo for coming. Hope you had a great time." Jennie said with her mom.

"Thank you also for inviting us here, Jennie. We should go now." Jisoo's mom said and hugged the two.

Jisoo and Mina got their car separately from Jisoo's family.

The two made their way to the spot where they parked their car. And Mina suddenly excused herself.

"Stay here. I forgot my wallet on our table." Mina said.

Jisoo sat on a bench and Jennie stood there out of the blue.

"How are you?" Jennie said while looking at the stars scattered in the night sky.

"I-I'm fine, I guess. You? Oh, btw, congrats for finally reaching your dream." Jisoo answered.

" I'm still blaming myself for our break up. Thank you, you're a big factor why I reached it.." Jennie sighed.

"Stop." Jisoo said avoiding the topic.

"I really am sorry for what happened. Give me a chance to explain my side. Please." Jennie said with a teary eyed.

"Explain, then."

"Hey, I already found it. Let's go. Oh, Jennie Kim. Congrats, again. Annyeong." Mina said and grabbed Jisoo's hand. Jennie can't do anything but to save her explanation next time.

The two went to their car and drove off. Leaving Jennie standing there.

That should be me.


Two days passed since that little talk between Jennie and Jisoo. Jisoo can't help thinking about the younger girl. She's convincing herself that she already got over from Jennie and started to develop some feelings to Mina but after that night, she realized that she's still inlove Jennie. Or maybe she just missed how they were used to be.

She's confused.

Mina is persistent, kind, gentlwoman plus her looks. She's almost perfect but she's not Jennie.

"Stop, Jisoo. You already moved on. You have Mina now waiting for you. Jennie cheated on you, remember?" Her inner self said.

"Urgh. This is so frustating." She said to herself

Jisoo is on her room and Mina is on their living room watching some movies with Jisoo's family.

Mina suddenly walked inside her room as if Jisoo summoned her.

"Where are you going?" Mina asked after she saw Jisoo wearing pants and sweater ready to go out.

"I'm just going somewhere." Jisoo replied.

"I can drive you there or better yet accompany you." Mina said.

"No need. Go and join my family there. They're starting to love you." Jisoo kissed her cheek.

Mina was flustered.

"You sure?"

Jisoo nodded.

"Come home safely, okay? Text me if something happens."

Jisoo excuse herself to Mina and her family and went to her car. She started the engine and started to drive her way to their usual spot.

When Jisoo finally arrived there, she slumps herself to grass and put down the beers and chicken she bought on her way.

"I missed this place." She said as she inhales feeling the cold breeze.

She looked down at the city lights and started to open up a can of beer. She made her first sip and felt refreshed.

She needed this. Fresh air, cold beers and of course, her crispy fried chicken.

She felt nostalgic. She smiled bitterly remembering their good old days.

She looked up at the sky and saw many stars. She opened her second beer of the night. She felt like someone is coming, she heard a stomping sound.

"Ya, Mina! I said don't follow me." Jisoo pouted and looked back at the sky not turning her head to person who just came in.

"Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you. Everything you do, they were all yellow." The person sang one verse of a coldplay song.

Jisoo froze at that moment. Is this a coincidence or fate?

"What are you doing here? Jennie Kim."


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