🔶 Prologue 🔶

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"Now, Cahaya, in the count of three, you'll have to slice that piece of cake in half, got it?" A fine, young-looking woman said to her son, whose currently in his toddler years.

"Okay, Mom!" The little boy namely Cahaya, cheerfully exclaimed as he held the small knife carefully on his small hand as he prepare to slice the piece of cake on the table infront of him.

The man next to Cahaya's mother smiled warmly and chuckled lightly afterwards. "Ready, Cahaya?"

"I was born ready, Dad!" Their son replied, making the man curve a small smile on his lips.

"One..." Cahaya's parents started counting while looking at their son gleefully. "Two..."

The boy with gifted light elemental powers slowly aimed the blade of the knife on the middle of the cake and waited patiently after his parents are done counting for him to cut the cake.


Cahaya then sliced the cake in half, opening in half to see the inside of the cake. His parents were silently giggling while watching him opening the cake. His brown eyes then widened in surprise and shook his head in disbelief after seeing the frosting of the cake inside, blue in color.

"Are you serious...?" The little light element asked, looking at his parents with a shock expression plastered on his face. "It's... a boy!?" His parents nodded happily in response.

"NO WAY! I'M GOING TO HAVE A BABY BROTHER!" He joyfully exclaimed. "I'M GOING TO BE A BIG BROTHER!" He lively jumped from his chair with full of excitement.

Cahaya then ran towards his parents, crashing them into a big, warm hug. "I love you guys so much!" He genuinely said, tightening the hug a bit. His parents gladly returned the hug from him, their lips formed a gentle, warm smile and kissed their son's forehead sweetly.

"We love you too, Cahaya."

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"You may now come in." The nurse softly said, smiling at Cahaya then to his father.

The two boys then entered inside the hospital room, and slowly, the little light elemental's eyes widened, seeing his mother rested on the hospital bed peacefully while carrying a small figure around her arms. The woman then looked at her son, smiling weakly at him as she showed the newborn infant wrapped around her arms to him.

Cahaya then craned his neck in order to see his baby brother, while holding on to the hospital bed for support with his lips then formed a wide smile after seeing his little brother fully.

"What's his name?" The light elemental asked, his head tilted slightly to the side.

"I think it's better if you should be the one who's going to give your new brother a name." His father stated, patting his son's head afterwards while giving him a warm smile.

Cahaya then looked up and thought for a moment while putting a finger on his chin.

'I'd like the name to be unique and at the same time, for him to be who he really is...' He thought. Not for long, his lips curved a wide smile as an idea appeared in his mind.



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