🔶 21 - Lie 🔶

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"I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so excited!" Api cheerfully chanted, while getting ready for their hangout with his big brother.

He put on his red cap on his head and wore his red sleeveless shirt, taking a last look on himself before rushing towards his door and exited the room.

He dashed towards Cahaya's room, suddenly opening the door up without warning. "Big brother Cahaya! Are you..." He trailed off as he stared at his big brother with his eyes widened in shock, his feet rooted on the ground.

Alarmed, Cahaya immediately glanced at the door, hiding his topless body by hugging it. "O-OI! API!" He exclaimed, his face blushing in embarrassment and glared at Api. "I'M STILL DRESSING UP! SHUT THE GOSHDANG DOOR!"

The fire elemental cringed, his lips curved a mischievous grin. He pulled out a digital camera out of nowhere, snapping a photo of his big brother who's topless with a flash afterwards. He then laughed cheekily and ran downstairs to exit the house.

Cahaya's head boiled in annoyance, immediately wearing his gray shirt and white jacket and put on his white cap after. He then quickly grabbed his phone and rushed downstairs to get his little brother, his teeth gritted in irritation.


<> <~> <>

As the light element reached the exit of the house, he then spotted his little brother few meters away from. "API! I SWEAR, DELETE THAT NOW!" He shouted, an annoyed tone can be heard clearly in his voice.

His young brother only grinned widely, with his tongue sticking out at him while still holding the digital camera in hand. "If you can get me!~" He teased, and started sprinting away from Cahaya.

"Oh, is that a challenge I hear?" The light elemental scoffed, smirking before using his power to leap near where Api currently is. When he reached his little brother, he tackled him by a hug, causing Api to halt from running and laughed cheekily.

"No!" Api tried moving the digital camera away from Cahaya's reach while still laughing.

"You were saying?~" The light elemental chuckled, trying to reach the digital camera while tickling his little brother in the process. "You can't mess with me, ya know. So, delete it."

"Never!~" The crimson-eyed boy grinned mischievously, now hugging the digital camera on his chest and secured it using his arms while trying to bear his big brother's tickles to him. "If—ha— you won't— haHAaha— STOP, I'll— HAhAhaHA—burn YOU!"

Cahaya scoffed, playfully rolling his eyes. "Oh, please. Try me." He said, grinning. "Remember your power is still unstable, right?"

Api didn't listen to him as he tried making his own body warmer than normal, ending up failing in the process. He huffed, pouting sadly. "Oh man, how can I even protect myself if my powers are still unstable." He stated, sighing.

His older brother chuckled, ruffling his head afterwards. "You'll get it soon." He stated, smiling. His smile then turned into a grin and tried getting the digital camera again from his little brother's arms. "Now, give me that camera!"

"Noooooo!~" Api whined playfully, hugging the camera to his chest tighter.

"I'll buy you ice cream if you give it to me."

The fire elemental's eyes shot up, sparkling as his lips formed a wide smile. "Okay! Deal!" He cheerfully exclaimed, giving the digital camera to his big brother.

"Good boy." Cahaya stated, gently patting his little brother's head as he took the digital camera from Api's hand. He then opened the camera, deleting the picture his little brother snapped from him earlier. "Okay, come on. I'll buy you ice cream."

Api's eyes sparkled in excitement. "YAY!"

<> <~> <>

"Mhm~" The red capped boy indulged, as he eat his chocolate-flavoured ice cream. "Thank you, big brother Cahaya!~" He genuinely said, looking up at his big brother with a sincere smile.

Cahaya chuckled softly, gently patting his young brother's head. "No problem." He stated, smiling back at him. He sighed softly, looking up and focused to where they're going.

Then, he spotted one familiar boy from a distance, making his brown eyes squint towards the said person. His eyes widened in surprise, with his lips curved a wide smile.

"Hey, Air!" Cahaya greeted, making his way towards his best friend.

Api was already done eating his ice cream when he noticed his big brother called someone, making him turn to his big brother then at the person he'd called. When he saw that particular person Cahaya called out to and his big brother all of the sudden went towards to, he gasped softly as he felt his heart sunk once again.

What made his heart crashed is that, his big brother yet again, had forgotten about their hang out and most of all, himself.

"You lied to me big brother..." He mumbled, gritting his teeth tightly. "I thought we're only going to hang out, just the two of us..." He added, tears started forming from his crimson eyes.

"... You just lied to me..."


Wow, I just noticed how hard it is to look back and connect this book with the YAIN (You're All I Need) book. 😅 But, I got the hang of it. UwU

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