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"Why did you do that to big brother Tanah!?" Api shouted, his teeth were clenched grudgingly while glaring at his big brother.

"Don't freaking call that loner kid your big brother! Because he's not even your big brother! I am!" Cahaya snapped, rolling his eyes afterwards.

"... Are you?"

The light element became silent, as he didn't reply back to his little brother's response. He quietly walked towards their way home, still dragging Api by the ear. "Shut up."

"He acts a role of a good big brother better than you—"

"I said shut up, you pesky scamp!" The white capped boy exclaimed, as he let go of Api's ear. "You don't even know anything about that introverted wretch!" He stated, clicking his tongue in annoyance.

That's when, Api couldn't take it anymore and let all of his emotions out. He knew these four simple-but-hard-to-say words would hurt his big brother's feelings. Nevertheless, he has already gone too far.


Cahaya's eyes widened in surprise and was taken back by his words, causing them to stop from walking. Not only he was surprised that Api bravely expressed that he hated him, but also to the fact that, he didn't call him 'big brother' anymore. His teeth gritted angrily, as he faced his little brother and glared at him.

"Fine then," Cahaya muttered. "I hate you too, you annoying, childish, little rascal!" He spat, scoffing afterwards as he resumed walking.

"And you know what!? My life would've been so much better if you're weren't born at all, since my life is so perfect right now, even without you in it!" He added, making his little brother gasp in shock and started tearing up.

"You're nothing, unlike me, you dumb-head."

Api felt like his heart just got pierced by his big brother's hurtful words, causing him to breathe heavily. Everything his older brother had said echoed in his mind, his crimson eyes all of the sudden, became dull and lifeless. All of his positivity before, were now replaced with negativity.

Just moments later, the two brothers reached their home, and entered inside. But when they went inside, they were greeted by their parents' concerned yet angry faces.

"Where were you two!?" Their mother asked sternly, glancing back and forth at the two elemental siblings. "Do you two even know what time it is!?"

"Mom," Cahaya started. "It's Api's fault! He got lost on the streets, so I went to look out and find him! He got lost because he wasn't listening to anything I was saying and didn't even follow me from where we're going!" He replied, lying so his mother wouldn't scold him, and just for his little brother to be the one getting accused instead.

'... What...?' Api thought, as he stared at his big brother and shaked his head in disbelief.

The mother then looked at their youngest son fiercely, her teeth gritted angrily. "Why didn't you follow your big brother, huh!?" She exclaimed, her voice raising up. "Why do you have to be such a troublemaker!?"

Their mother started lecturing, with Api getting all the blames. He felt like he's the bad guy in the house, the evil one, the untrustworthy one, the one labelled as the 'disappointment' in the family. The light element on the other hand, was only smirking with his arms crossed on the background while enjoying the scene he's watching before his eyes.

The fire element on the other hand, didn't care anymore of what his family think of him, as he'd already accepted all of it. He didn't care about anything anymore. He's becoming more and more apathetic, he's just not himself anymore.

He was back again at his depressed state. He felt demoralized, crushed and broken. He felt like everyone despises him, but still, he never cared about it.

'Heh, maybe they're right... I'm the bad guy.' He thought, as he chuckled bitterly. 'They're right all along. I'm just a disappointment. I'm just a burden to this family. I'm just a waste of time. I'm just the worst. I'm just... nothing.'

"GO UPSTAIRS RIGHT NOW! YOU ARE GROUNDED! AND NO DINNER FOR YOU!" His mother grudgingly stated, which Api only obeyed her and went upstairs to his room, locking his door afterwards.

"I'm done with this..." He muttered, rushing towards his drawer to get something inside. He then took out a small but sharp cutter and plopped down on the floor. Without hesitation, he aimed the cutter on his arm, his other hand—which has the cutter in hand— gripped tightly.

"Because of you... I lost my myself... lost my sanity... and my meaning to live."


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