🔶 22 - New Friend 🔶

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The fire elemental sighed sadly, as he watched his big brother talking with his friend from a distance. He held back his tears, thinking that he'll look stupid for crying in public. He shook his head, heaving a sigh once more before turning his head away from his older brother.

"Api! You're here too!" A familiar, cheerful voice made Api's ears perked up, making his crimson eyes widened in surprise and faced the person who'd called him.

"Angin?!" Api exclaimed, looking at his best friend in disbelief.

When his friend made his way towards the fire element, he gave him a warm, bear hug. "I didn't expect to see you here at all!" He said, chuckling.

The crimson-eyed boy chuckled along, returning back the hug. "Me neither!" He stated, smiling as he sighed happily. The two young friends then broke the hug, facing at each other with warm smiles.

"What are you doing here?" Api asked, as he crossed his arms on his chest and shifted his feet.

"My brother and I were hanging out, well... supposed to, until..." Angin sighed deeply, as he slowly looked at his big brother, Air talking with Api's big brother, Cahaya. His brown eyes became gloomy, looking down at the ground in dismal.

"Oh," The fire elemental furrowed his eyebrows, his lips pursing. "Well, same thing happened to me..." He stated, chuckling but in a pained way. "Well, I got used to it, but I never said it doesn't hurt."

The wind elemental hummed, shaking his head as he faced Api with a smile. "You know what? Let's just don't mind them. At least, we get to hang out with each other, right?" He asked, his face filled with determination. "So, let's hang out on our own instead."

Api was surprised with Angin's sudden change of expression, making him wonder how he does it and wanted to do the same too. For him, Angin is very special. He always thinks positively, and never let people down as he always puts a smile on their faces.

The red capped boy then smiled back, nodding in agreement afterwards. "You're right." He stated, as his smile widened. "Let's go!" He exclaimed, with Angin nodding in response and started walking with his best friend towards the park afterwards.

"Honestly, this is my first hanging out alone with a friend." Angin stated, chuckling softly. "I wasn't allowed to go out on my own unless I'm with someone I know." He added, pursing his lips. "I mean, come on Mom, I can handle myself."

"Well, probably your Mom is just protective of you—"

"Ops! Correction: OVERprotective." Angin corrected, chuckling. Api chuckled along with him.

Few moments later, they saw a boy with a green cap seated on a bench, and noticed he was probably the same age as them. They also noticed how sad and lonely the boy is and exchanged glances at each other as if, they're telepathically talking whether they'll approach him or not. Not for long, they agreed to come near him and try to get to know the boy.

"Hey there!" Api greeted, as they went near the boy and smiled cheekily. He felt contented when they caught the boy's attention, relieved that they didn't scare nor startle the boy with their presence suddenly appearing in front of him.

"I'm Api! And this is my friend, Angin!" The fire elemental introduced himself and his best friend and made gestures as he did it.

"Hi!" Angin cheerfully greeted, as he waved his hand energetically at the boy.

"What's your name?" Api asked, as he clasped his hands together behind his back.

"Daun." The boy replied, in a monotonous voice.

"Daun? Woah! You also have a cool and unique name!" Angin said, as he smiled gleefully at Daun.

"Hey Daun!" Api called, making the green capped boy turned to look at him. "Wanna be friends?" He asked, giving him a sincere smile.

Api and Angin then noticed how stunned the boy was when Api asked that question. They might've thought that Daun hadn't have any friends back then, which they also felt the same way the boy was feeling right now. They thought they made a good decision, being friends with Daun whom they just met but, they're confident they'll be the best of friends in the end.

The green capped boy then gave the two boys a small smile. "Sure." He simply replied.

The two boys then smiled widely and wrapped their arms around their new friend, Daun. "Welcome to the brotherhood, Daun!" They said joyously in unison. Daun only let out a slight chuckle.

'I can't believe it...' Api thought, as he smiled to himself.

'We just made a new friend.'

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