🔶 14 - Good Friends 🔶

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[Api's POV]

After I got back from the clinic to attend some of my remaining classes before our dismissal, those words Angin had said to me kept repeating in my head over and over again. Currently, it was my last period before our dismissal time and not to mention, it's our Science subject in which, first and for most, I get very low grades in that subject and lastly, our science teacher is very strict. While our science teacher is discussing her lesson, I was too preoccupied with my thoughts that I couldn't even focus and listen to our recent discussion for today.

"You're not useless, Api."

Angin's words are truly genuine...

"Don't ever think you're useless, because you're worthy."

So soft, so touching and full of positivity...

"You're everything, just think about that."

He made me feel like I'm important. That I have a purpose in this world. That no matter what, I will never be alone, because someone is there, appreciating me for who I am.

"Api!" My science teacher exclaimed, calling my attention in which, it made me snapped back to reality and quickly faced her.

"Y-Yes, teacher?"

"I said, stand up and answer my question: what are the different kinds of weather?" Our science teacher asked, emphasising the question I need to answer.

Hesitantly, I stood up from my chair while lowering my head in embarrassment. I kept my mouth shut while trying to avoid my teacher's scary gaze at me since, I'm afraid of her and, I had no clue what to answer.

"See?! This is why I want you students to focus!" Our teacher snapped, then turned to me with a glare. "Sit. Down."

Immediately, I sat back down on my chair, biting my lower lip as I heard some of my classmates around me murmuring with each other about my stupidity and low IQ. Slouching from my seat, I lowered my head more and tried not to listen to my classmates' backstabs at me. Not for long, I heard the bell rang, signalling for the end of our last period and it's time for our dismissal time.

"Okay. Make sure to have an advance study about the different weather disturbances. That's all, and see you all tomorrow. Class dismiss." Our science teacher stated, picking up her things and headed towards the door to leave.

My classmates then started fixing their stuffs and some of them went to their friends while some already went ahead. Quickly, I also packed up my things and went straight to the door to exit our classroom.

<=> ~ <=>

Walking my way towards the exit of the school building, my head was hung low with an expressionless look plastered on my face while gripping on to the straps of my backpack using both of my hands. Sighing deeply, I started recalling the events that happened today. Well, some were very embarrassing and painful for me but, there's this only one person that really made my day...

Angin. I smiled upon hearing his name.

"Hey Api!" A familiar, cheerful voice said, making me turn my head to see who'd called me. When I did and saw that person, a small smile curved on my lips while facing him.

"Hey, Angin!" I greeted, chuckling lightly afterwards.

"Wanna go out every dismissal time together? 'Cause, I'm mostly lonely during dismissal." He said, giggling.

My smile widened more. "Sure. I don't mind."

"Sweet!" Angin happily exclaimed. "Then, let's go together, my friend!" He added, grinning as he nudged my shoulder.

Friend. My eyes watered up from that thought. I finally have a friend. My first ever friend. A real, good friend. A friend who understands me. A friend who will support me. A friend who loves me for who I am. A friend who appreciates me. And a friend, who will always be there for me, to care for me and to comfort me whenever I feel down.

I felt so relieved, so touched, so... happy. I feel so thankful, so grateful for having a friend like Angin.

And I know, me and Angin will truly become good friends with one another.

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