🔶 20 - Unforgettable Moment 🔶

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The light element couldn't help but stare at the picture frame in hand. He noticed how happy he was before all these. How happy when he was with his little brother.

He couldn't believe these past years, he had forgotten about him. Maybe, his little brother was trying to get his attention but, he was only ignoring him everytime. He just completely forgot about his young brother, Api, who was also a part of the family.

He noticed the small crack of glass in the picture frame, and it was also directly to his little brother, Api. Could this mean that something bad will happen to him? Is this a sign that something worse will bound to come to his little brother?

He shook his head, denying those thoughts from his mind. No, that wouldn't happened at all. He thought as he placed the picture frame back on his coffee table.

He looked back at his phone, heaving a deep sigh. He didn't send the reply. Instead, he turned off his phone and got up, making his way out of his room.

He went towards Api's room and stopped on his front door. He grabbed the knob, silently twisting it and opened it slightly. He took a quick peek inside, and noticed his little brother was asleep.

He sighed softly, quietly entering his room and walked towards Api's sleeping figure. He crouched down on his level, watching his little brother resting soundly. Cahaya's brown eyes soften, his hand made its way towards his young brother's hair, ruffling it gently.

He noticed his little brother shuffled on his sleep, his sleepy eyes slowly opening. When Api's crimson eyes laid towards his big brother, he felt his heart sunk on his chest.

He still remembers me. He thought, tears started forming from his eyes.

"Hey buddy," Cahaya greeted, curving a small smile on his lips. "It's been a while." He said, chuckling softly.

"Is this a dream...?" Api mumbled, as he closed his eyes again and opened them right away. It is real. His big brother is there in front of him, smiling at him.

"No, it isn't." The light elemental stated, as he let out another soft chuckle. "Say, wanna hang out tomorrow?" He asked, smiling warmly at his little brother. "I guess it's been a long time since we last bond with each other." He added, heaving a light sigh.

Api's eyes widened in surprise, sitting up from his bed as he curved a wide smile. He couldn't believe it. His big brother finally noticed him after all these years. He felt happy, and excited at the same time.

"Yeah!" He exclaimed, jumping towards his big brother's arms and hugged him tightly. "I can't wait for us to hang out again, just the two of us!" He cheerfully said, chuckling as he hugged Cahaya more.

The light element smiled softly, chuckling as he gently returned the hug. Api will surely won't forget this moment. He waited for so long for his big brother to finally notice him.

"Same here bud... Same here."


If you guys only want to, I wish some of you artistic readers out there, draw a fanart of the picture frame that's being described: Cahaya and Api's parents were on the back with a warm smile, while the duo siblings were smiling happily, with Cahaya hugging his little brother from behind. If yall want, you can also put the small crack of glass in the picture on Api like in this story.

It's okay if you guys don't want to do it. ^^ It's just for fun after all. OwO 💕

But if you do draw it and yall want it to show me, you can send it to my IG account: @burocks_17, or, you can just post it on any of your books here in wattpad then just tag me with it. All of yalls' drawings are very creative and nice for me. UwU 💕

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