🔶 Epilogue 🔶

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[Api's POV]

Hi! Hello! Hey!

Guess what? My cheerful self is back! Thanks to my big brother, Cahaya!

Oh, right! Maybe some of you are wondering what just happened to me a while back. Actually, this is what happened...


"Let's play videogames!"

"Already!?" My big brother exclaimed, looking at me in disbelief. "Why don't you eat first? Look at yourself." He stated, as he stared at me then at my thin body.

"I'm not hungry..." I replied, pouting at him.

"I'll cook you some fried chicken." He said, making me gasped and smile widely from what he said.

"OKAY!" I replied, giggling softly.

[End of Flashback]

So, yeah, after that, I ate more and more until my health is back on track again. And for our parents, they'd already accepted me for who I am since, big brother Cahaya talked to them for me. Hihi, he's such a caring brother.

<> <~> <>

4 years had passed...

I'm on my last straw
I'm broken, And I've woken up

Seriously, it's unbelievably fast! I'm already in the age of twelve and here I am, graduating from my elementary years! It's so surprising and at the same time, exciting!

I'm done feeling in your lies
I've had enough

In these years, I have received many medals from all of my subjects, and my family couldn't help but feel proud of what I'd achieved.

I can't run your place
In this faulty game, no

Right now, I'm here at the backstage, waiting for my time to shine as the speaker is currently speaking to everyone in the audience.

And all the words you speak
Mean nothing more to me

"Now, let us call on Api to give his message to a very special person." The speaker said, as if it's now my cue to reveal myself to everyone and went to the podium. I cleared my throat then started speaking to my schoolmates, teachers, friends and family.

'Cause I'd start over now

"Do you know that there's someone who holds a special place in my heart that could be filled by no one else?" I asked, then glanced at my big brother and smiled warmly.


"It's my big brother, Cahaya." I answered for all of them, causing them to curve a soft smile on their faces while some even glanced at my big brother.

And I won't let you go
I need you by my side

"And this message, is for him." I stated, my smile widened as I looked at everyone watching and listening to my speech. I then started giving my speech to all of them.

I need you by my side

"Brother, a person who is there when you need him; someone who picks you up when you fall; a person who sticks up for you when no one else will; a brother is always a friend."

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