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[Api's POV]

After a few weeks, I feel slightly better. Though I still remembered that day when I broke down infront of Angin but, that heavy pain I felt before slowly went away. I've never felt so light, so carefree. Thanks to my best buddy, Angin of course.

Angin was there for me when I broke down, when I was in tears, when I couldn't bear the pain in my chest anymore. He knew how to comfort me. He knew me so well. I feel so blessed to have him, and I never felt so lucky in my entire life.

To be honest, I wanted to pay everything he had done for me. I just feel so selfish that he's always there for me, but I still haven't done anything for him. Angin is so selfless, he priorities other people first before himself. I badly wanted to give him anything he wants because his kindness to me, and to other people he helped, deserves more than just money.

But he insisted. He didn't want anything in return. He told me that people's smiles, kind words and a simple 'thank you' gestures are enough for him, enough to make him feel happy, and relieved.

His positivism, his happiness and his genuine smiles, all of them are so sincere. No fakes nor lies behind it. Maybe that's how unique Angin is. He's truly what we described him as an angel. Actually, an 'angel' is a good name for him.

Gosh, how I really wanted to thank him so bad for everything he had done for me. People like him are very rare to find. They are the true light from the evil darkness.

Angin truly deserves more. He deserves better. He deserves a good life for being a good friend consistently. He really deserves it.

Currently, I'm here in my room, talking to Angin using my big brother's old laptop he just dumped on the trash can— since he bought a better one— so I decided to take it with me instead because it will just be a waste.

Me and Angin were happily talking with one another through sending messages. We always asked one another if we're feeling alright then we'll start talking each other by telling some funny jokes and sharing some same interests with one another. I'm surprised he told me he loves playing videogames, in which I am too interested with those.

Wow, you already have a good friend who'll stick with you through ups and downs in life, then both of you also share the same interests with one another. So cool! And I feel so lucky!

Is this a blessing though? I think it is. I chuckled slightly on that thought.

We then continued chatting with one another until Angin needs to leave because he needs to work on his assignments. I told him okay and goodluck with his homeworks then we turned off our laptops.

After we chatted, I plopped down on my bed, feeling a bit tired. I decided to take a nap for a while, just so I could feel my energy running back again. Well, time to have some good rest.

[End of POV]

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[Cahaya's POV]

Here I am, lying down on my bed, feeling bored. Bored, bored, bored, bored... bored! This boredom is making me feel uncomfortable.

I deeply groaned. There's nothing to do at home. I want to go to school and hang out with my friends! Or, maybe I could just plan the three of us hanging out this weekend.

I immediately sat up from my bed, grabbing my phone and opened the message app. My eyes roamed around the room, thinking what I'll reply to them. An idea popped up in my head and started pressing the keyboard on my phone swiftly.

As I was about to send the reply button, I sat up straightly, accidentally hitting my coffee table on the side and something fell on the floor. I sighed deeply, kneeling down on the ground to grab the rectangular frame and place it back to my coffee table.

When I flipped the frame, my eyes widened. It contained a family picture inside. I noticed a small crack of glass on someone I was hugging in the picture. Curiously, I looked at it again.

And that's when it hit me.



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