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[Api's POV]

Do you know what's the best thing about my big brother? It's about him, giving me a time to spend with me. But if he doesn't have the time, he's trying his best to find time for me so we could spend the day bonding with each other.

I know I'm kind of being selfish but, I just love the attention I'm getting from him. My big brother is really kind and thoughtful for me everyday. He's just... willing to give his everything for me.

Honestly, a single 'Thank you' is not enough for me to satisfy my big brother's love and care for me. I also want to show him that I'm willing to give my everything for him. I want him to prove that I also love him wholeheartedly, no fakes, no lies.

I couldn't help but to feel lucky to have a big brother like Cahaya. He's such a caring and considerate eldest sibling that he doesn't nor never lets me feel alone, because he's always there for me everytime I needed him. In just one call away, he's already there, to make me feel happy and loved.

And guess what? Last year, my big brother gave me a cap that almost looks similar to his cap but red in color with a small symbol ontop of its bill which symbolises 'fire', my awesome gifted elemental power. I heartily accepted his wonderful gift and treasured it with me everyday. And by treasure, I meant wearing it everyday, just for him to see that I really loved the present he'd given me.

These past years, I always pray because I'm just... grateful that I still get to see my big brother alive, still looking strong as ever, still the smartest big brother I've ever had, seeing him happy everyday and living his life in peace. Everyday, I still get to feel his presence and support for me. Everyday, I still get to feel his love and comfort for me.

Who doesn't feel blessed about that? Having that eldest sibling who cares for you. Having a big brother who's almost the definition of 'perfect'. I just feel so fortunate, really.

Never once I forget to hug my big brother tightly and say, "I love you, big brother Cahaya!" to him. Our relationship, our bond as brothers is indeed a strong one; an unbreakable one. Nothing can separate us apart.

Truly, he's really that big brother I could ever hoped for. That big brother who loves me unconditionally. That big brother who helps me through rough times. That big brother who treats me kindly like what older siblings should treat to their young siblings.

My big brother and I shared some memorable memories together. Those memories we had, that are so precious, I can't and wouldn't forget about it. But, the most memorable one was, that time when my big brother graduated from his elementary years and after that ceremony, he took off his graduation gown and mortarboard and wore them on me.

After that, he warmly told me these short but meaningful words that I can never and will never forget.

. . .

"One day, you'll also get to wear these." He whispered softly, and curved a genuine smile on his lips afterwards. "I'll truly become proud of you when you do, Api."

. . .

No words can describe how much it touched me hearing those sincere words that came from my big brother. He's so gentle, not only by actions, but also by words. I can't imagine my life without him.

His support for me helps me go on with my life. He's like my guide when I'm having a hard time choosing the right path. Without him, I'll never succeed in life. Without him, I'll be lost. Without him, I'll never make it through the challenges I'm facing. And without him, I'll be nothing.

Being with my big brother is just the greatest thing ever. We get to bond with each other, laugh with each other, smile a lot with each other, tell jokes with each other and have fun with one another. Everything we did together is all worth it.

And that was until... everything changed. Those happy days, those peaceful times, those incredible moments that me and my big brother cherished, are over.


This will be my last update for now. See yall on January 17! \^o^/ 💞

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