Chapter one

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Daniel POV

I am currently sitting in my office with a bunch of papers in tows that are all need to be sign by me. It's frustrating but fulfilling at the same. Being the son of a billionaire, is sure a lot of responsibility. I am not a type of those depends on what my parents can offer. I do my share as there son since it's expected to be, right?

A ring on my phone, bringing me back my mind into reality. I groaned as I lift it and answered.

"Baby!" A high pitched sound at the other side of the line. Last thing I want to do now is to listen to this woman useless ranting.

"What do you want Daniella!" I said while I can't help to bark her.

"Oh baby I really love it when you call me my name. It's lile Daniel and Daniella sound destiny to me!" She chirped. See? That's what I told you she's ranting useless things.

"Ella, for the last time, what do you want?" I said as I massaging my head. This woman tend to give me so much frustration. If only my father not so keen on her family I would never put out to this woman at all.

"Baby your hurting me!" She said and now she's sound like crying.

"I said why do you want? Your not answering at all!" I said as I tried to coaxed her. Don't get me wrong I may hate this woman but I can't stand woman crying.

I have sister and mother they all I can pictured when I saw woman crying on me.

"I just want to invite you to dinner tonight. I miss you so much baby!" She said while I can hear her hiccuping.

"Ella I am busy, and please for the love of God, don't call me baby!" I said as I try to be patience to this woman.

"Our parents said we can get married right? I told my dad about to and he like the idea. He even said he will tell uncle Archer about it!" Oh this is going too far. This is absolutely insolent thing to happen.

"Daniella, I like you as a sister, nothing more, nothing less. And about your invitation I already told you, I am busy, so I will hang up now " I said as I drop the phone.

My father and his father is really close friend. But not as close as Uncle Xavier, they are best friend / business partner. My dad always and openly talked about me and Ella to get married and I always oppose. I told him I can find my own bride and wife to be in the future.

Just because both of siblings are all married that doesn't mean I have to right? I mean single life is more fun, no hassle, no complications. Don't get me wrong I am not I don't sleep different woman every night and definitely I am not a one night stand type.

Resuming my work, I pick up my pen and began to read the document and signed it. After awhile I am going through and through each documents and didn't mind the time had passed.

A knock on my door makes me snapped my attention to it. And I saw my secretary entering my office.

"Sir, good afternoon! It's 5;30 pm. I will take my leave soon. Do you need anything else?" She said as she shyly bow down her head.

"Nothing Mila, you can go. I will take everything from here! Take care on your way home!" I said to her as I dismissed her.

"Thank you!" She said and went outside.

I once again turn my attention back to my work. I didn't even noticed the sky turns dark. A cold air surrounded me and I felt sudden cold. I took my jacket and wear it.

My cellphone rings just right on time I put my jacket. I pick my phone from my table and answered it.

"Honey...!" That's the sweet voice of my loving and caring mother.

"Mom! How are you?" I asked her.

"I am ok honey! Hmmmm when are you going to visit your mama?" She said and I know that tone. She wants something from me.

"What does my beautiful mother want?" I said as I playfully chimed her.

"Oh, you really know me!" She said and giggled.

"Hmmmm shot!" I said and I mentally prepared to what kind of things she wants me to do.

"Honey... Come home! I miss you! Anyway your uncle Xavier will celebrate there anniversary wedding. I hope you can come and attend?" She said.

"Of course mom I will be there!" I answered her.

Uncle Xavier as I said he's close my dad. Auntie Emma is also my mom best friend, very close are they?.

"Thank you it will make your mama heart happy!" She said happily in the other line. " And do you member there daughter Emily? She's coming home!" She said

"Ok that little witch is coming home, I see!" I said as I smiled knowing it.

"Don't you dare call her witch, she's far from that ok? And please be good to her!" She said in a warning tone.

"Mom, I am nothing but good to that woman! It's just she's very bitch to me and I have to fight back too!" I said as I tried to defend myself.

"Whatever you said honey! But please be good to her ok? She's the daughter of my best friend and your dad's best friend too!" She said as she reminded me.

"I know mom! I told you it's not my fault, she keep throwing insult to me and I have to fight for myself!"

"Whatever! The last time ,you seen each other, you both almost break the chandelier!" My mom said as she recalled what happened the last time I saw that little witch.

I have hundreds reason why I called her witch. Every damn time we saw each other, we always have each other throat.

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