Chapter four

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Emily POV

" No I will be back after few days only Nadine!" I said as I huffed my annoyance. How can I have my peaceful vacation just for three days? I only gone for that long and now they are requesting me to go back.

"Fine! We need to do many pictorials and commercials! You have plenty to f offers to sign too!" My manager Nadine said clearly doting to me that I have so much responsibility to take.

"I know ok? It's only for three days after that I am going to go back there. Don't worry!" I said as I hung up.

I guess you are wondering what are we talking about? Well, you already know that my family is rich but I don't want anything from it. I want to build my own name in my own ability, my own hard work. That's what I want.

Xavier Jr my older brother gladly take the position to my dad as CEO of he decided to step down so I don't have any problem executing my dreams. Right now I am making my name in the modeling world. I am proud to say that I am one of the most sought and highest paid model in the industry.

My dad at first objected my idea but after I explained to him, he understands me. He said he once like that. He builds his empire together uncle Archer without the help from my grandparents. He also wanted to stand on his own without relaying on family's name and fortune.

I guess father like daughter huh?

I glanced at the clocks on my wall. It's 2 in the afternoon. I still have plenty of time to prepare for my parents anniversary party. I can squeeze my work out session just for one hour. I throw a pair of work out outfit and went to the gym room. Yup! My parents house has gym room. My dad is a abs conscious. ( Please don't tell my dad about it) 😉😉😉.

After one hour I went to my room, wash and rest. I took a short nap for a couple of hours. Since my parents party will start in 7:00 pm.

- Time skip -

I glanced myself in the mirror I know I looks gorgeous and sexy in this outfit. I wore gold color mini dress that end up in the middle of the my mid thighs. It hugged perfectly to my fit body which obviously since I am a model. I paired it with gold straps sandal.

                     ( Emily outfit )

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                     ( Emily outfit )

As I feel satisfied of my appearance I went out and ready for the party.

As I arrived I saw many of my family's friends are there and of course big figures from business world. My dad is after all a well known businessman.

I saw my mom looking at me and I confidentially walked closer to her. She greeted me with a big warm smile.

"Oh baby girl, you looks so sexy and beautiful!" My mom said as she hugged me. After that she bid to go dad's side.

"Oh my God! No wonder you're a super model cause you're so sexy Em!" Natalie said as I didn't notice her coming my way.

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