Chapter thirty

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Emily POV

After the massive and extravagant birthday party of my little girl. We all went home.

I felt like all my energy went out and all I want is to lay myself in the bed but before that I need my relaxing hot shower bath. I glance at my right side where my father and daughter tandem seated.

Clearly both of them are exhausted from the fun on the party. Both our parents really exerted too much on it. But I can't argue about it. When I saw both of our families having fun together. It made me realize that they are happy and joyful to this occasion come.

I also have a surprise for my soon to be husband but it looks like that he will have no energy left to celebrate with it since I swear he look like someone who's energy deflated from him. Tired, but happy that's the look I seen on him right now.

"Babe???" Oh I thought he's all sleeping but I guess I am wrong then. I smiled softly to him as I take a glimpse of him and my daughter.

"Hmmmm... !" I hummed in response

"Are you ok?" He asked. His voiced lace with worry and I smiled at him to make him feel ease.

"I am fine! I just got dizzy a moment but now I am sitting her I think I am fine!" I answered him while I rested my head on his hard shoulder.

"Oh you been dizzy this past few days? Are you sure your ok? Do you want to go to hospital? I can't help but to worry babe!" He said while caressing my cheeks lovingly.

"Of course I am ok honey! It's just the weather it's too hot!" I said. Truth to be told the weather is hot that all I want is to submerge myself in the water.

"Ok... I will prepare your bath when we get home. Now relax and I am going to watch both of you!" Awwww this guy is so thoughtful as always. Even how tired he is. He still choose to look after us than take a rest.

"I am ok honey! How about we three take a rest for now.!" I said to him

"Nah... I love watching both of you babe! It's ok I will get plenty of sleep tonight!" He said but didn't missed to send a flirty wink at me.

"Hahahah.. your so silly!" I said as I tap his cheeks softly. He took my hand and bring it to his lips then kiss it.

This guy really knows how to melt my heart into puddle.

The ride at home didn't make me sleepy since Daniel been stealing kisses on me. I had to stop him by hitting him on the chest since I don't want our driver to see us in that way. My goodness this guy is so embarrassing.

After he put our daughter on her bed which she didn't even noticed at all since she sleep like a log. Well my daughter doesn't want her father to be away from her. She wants him to carry her always. She grow as little daddy's girl.

I went inside the bathroom and I can't help but to smile. But soon to be husband already prepared the bath for me. Just like he said.

After my hot and relaxing bath. I went out and change myself with my usual attire at home. It consist of short hanging short with spaghetti strap on top since it's too hot.

I noticed Daniel is not in our room so I went downstairs to check. Then I saw him cooking something on the kitchen.

"Hey why are you cooking? Are you hungry?" I asked him as I went to his side.

"Nope! I made you porridge since I noticed you in the party that you didn't eat much. Porridge can make your appetite grow so I am cooking it for you!" Awwww how did I end up such a lucky woman?



I took out the test kit from my pocket of my short. And I give it to him. He looked at me confused. Clearly didn't understand what it means.

"Huh?" He tilted his head while he looks at me.

"It's a pregnancy test!"

"What ...? What's this mean then?" He said in shocked but excited at the same time

"Hmmm... !" I smiled to him teasingly while his eyes didn't leave mine for a second.

"Come on Em don't tease me!" He said almost out of patience. I giggled at his reaction since his too cute.

"Positive... I am pregnant for one month!" I said to him.

He then lifted me up and showered me with a lot of kisses.

"Thank. You.    Thank you... !" He said while tears streaming on his eyes and I can't help to wipe it with my finger.

"Hey don't cry ..... Are you not happy?" I asked him

"What? What made you said that? I cried because of happiness. I just that I am happy , this time we will do this together!" He said and hugged me.

"I love you Em!"

"And I love you too!"

"Don't you think we need to move forward our wedding? " He asked and I smiled

"I think that's a good idea. Since I don't want to wear my wedding dress with a big tummy on it. I might look like a whale!" I said to him and I am shocked that I cried.

"Hey your not a whale... Your beautiful!" He said to me trying to consoles me.

"Yeah... I just hope your going to say that when you see me as big as whale in 8 months after!" I told him.

"Babe .. no matter what you look. I will always love you. Don't you dare doubt it. You will always look beautiful in my eyes. Even if you're going to be big. It doesn't matter your still look sexy!" He said and I can't help but to giggles.

My soon to be husband surely knows how to tickle and melt my heart.

I am happy that love gave us a chance to be together. No matter what things started always remember that everything happens for a reason.



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