Chapter eleven

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Emily POV

I know something is not set right. I can feel it. Just as I enjoy talking to Natalie I look up and I saw two pair of green eyes looking at me. The same color of my daughter's eyes. The same pair of eyes that hunting me even during my sleep.

I blinked few times and decided to look away from him. I have felt my heart beating go wild. My hands began to sweats indicating I am nervous. I gulped big time as I confronted my inner self. This is not the right time to be panicked.

The secret is still safe...

He didn't know anything...

He just here to visit that's all..

Yup! That's what I keep chanting and repeating to calm myself.

I excuse myself for a moment to feed Emerald in my room. It's kind of awkward breastfeeding your baby with a lot of people around. As I went to my room I can feel my legs shaking. Just as I reached my room I let out a deep breath that I didn't notice I been holding.

Emerald made a weird sound again. And smiled at her. She's so cute when she's hungry. If I won't feed her any moment she will go berserk. She will cry till she gets what she wants. Sly little fella.

After feeding her I decided to back there. I saw my mom preparing the food for dinner.

"Oh she's full now?" My mom said.

" I will carry her Emy. You relax for a bit!" My dad said as he opened his arms and hold baby Emerald.

My dad and mom is so happy seeing her the other day for the first time. It's my last day I stay here in the house since I told them I wanted to have my own space. I don't want to stay with them even if I have a daughter I want my own. I can perfectly live on my own. After so much persuading thank goodness they listened to me and agreed. They said I just need to stay with them for a week then I can have my place.

Yup! I bought small house not far from parents house. I love the scenery there. It's green and full of tree's. It's breathtaking exactly the kind of environment I want to raise Emerald. Fresh and clean, no pollution, far from noise.

I look into my dad whose busy playing with his granddaughter besides my mother whose preparing the dinner. Emerald squealed as she saw the sight of food. Silly girl!

"Is she handful?" Natalie asked me I didn't notice her getting close to me.

"Yeah! Very!" I said as I laughed.

"Emilia too when she's little just like her ! She's so beautiful Emy!" She said and I smiled at her.

"Thank you she's a little bundle of joy for me and to my parents!"

"How about Xavier? Your brother? How did he take the news?"

"Ohhh he came here yesterday. He even bought a lot of toys. Hhaahhaah.. Emerald like him so much. He spends the night here even if he doesn't have planned. But Emerald won't let go of him! Mom and dad bursted laughing at him!"

"Awwwww.... Xavier must be happy then!"

"Yeah super! I am lucky they understand me and didn't question me regarding about the father!" I said as I fidgeting my fingers.

"That's ok Em! You have Emerald now!"

"Yeah! That's the important thing I have here!" I said and smiled.

After we talked my mom announced that dinner is ready. So we head to the dinning room. My mom said she can hold Emerald while I eat and protest. How can she eat her dinner? But then my dad said that's ok he will feed my mom. Awww my parents is always sweet! So I let Emerald to them.

"Em, so you are going to go back to work?" Aunt Belle asked me.

" No, not yet! I want to concentrate in taking care of Emerald!"

"Awww... Why do you name her Emerald??" Arabella asked me this time.

"She have beautiful green eyes. The first time I saw her. Her green Emerald eyes sparklers so that's why I named it after!" I answered them.

"She looks so familiar but I can't figure it out!" Emman said out of the blue making me gulped really hard.

"Maybe because you and Daniel have same pair of green eyes sweetheart. That's why it's familiar to you!" Natalie added and I can't help but to feel shaking as she mentioned Daniel name on it.

"Yeah maybe!" Emman said as he gives me a lingering look.

"So you are not going back anymore to work Emy?" Archer said. " So you gonna work with your parents?"

"Nope! My manager said I can come back anytime I want. I think I only need few months!"

"It's ok honey! When you come back to work we will gladly look out for Emerald. If you want she can stay here!" My mom said making me gaped at her.

" Mom.. !!"

"I love her so much. Now I knew the feeling being grandma Belle.!" She giggled.

"Ok mom I will remember that!"

"Sweetheart! You can always left her to us. We will take care of her. I also don't want you to hired nanny. Your mom and I can take care of her just fine!" My dad said making uncle Archer laughed.

"Xavier it's a nice feeling to have grandchild isn't it?" Uncle Archer said and my dad happily nodded while he keeps feeding my mom. And my mom keeps playing Emerald on her arms.

After the dinner Emerald feeling sleepy. So I excuse myself while they are all busy talking. I hummed as I sway Emerald in my arms. I went to my room and put her to her crib.

Yup my parents bought one. I was even surprised to see many baby things already settle in my room. They said they will have baby room in the house.

Just as I settle Emerald in the crib and about to lay down for awhile. A light knocked from door halted me. I answered come in since I thought it's my mom. But when the person entered my room. I almost have an heart attach.

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