Chapter thirteen

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Daniel POV

I been trembling like crazy as I confronted her. She's been blocking and refusing to tell the truth. So I opted another choice for her to say the truth out loud to me.

When she finally said that Emerald is my daughter. I almost wanted to scream in happiness. Finally I have a family of my own. I found myself hugging her and inhaling her scent through my nose. My goodness how much I misses this smell so bad.

The warm and comfort that I have feel back then that night. I been looking and searching for it. I been dating a lot of girls, really a lot. Because I am hoping that I can find someone just like her. But I failed miserably.

So as I about to hold her deeper in my arms. As I mumbled a few words and said that we can work things out and we can be family. But she pushed me really hard making me stumbled backwards. I looked at her confused.

"We can't work things out. I can give you the rights to her as her father but we can't work things between us!" She said as she flatly turn down me.

I can hear my breaks into pieces. And I tried very hard to hold the tears that pooling in my eyes.

"But we can work. I don't have girlfriend and you don't have boyfriend right! We can start as friends!"

"No! We can only work for my daughter that's all. Take it or leave it!" She said in finality.

I can feel my whole body tremble by her heartbreaking rejection.

"Please ... Emily! We can be friends at first I promise I won't take advantage of it. Just let me be both of your lives. I want to spend ...!"

"No Daniel.. no means no!" She said again cutting me off.

"Please .. let's work things out for us. For our daughter!"

"That's the point. I don't want to work just because of our daughter. You don't have to change your ways. I am not expecting anything from you. You just be there as her father that's all!" She said and I shocked looking at her. I can't believe she's too cruel. .

"Your cruel!" I said as I about to cry again.

"No I am not!"

"Please ... It's not just about our daughter Emily if that's what your implying. I know I am such a jerk back....!"

"Stop please ... We already talked about it. And you told me not to bring it up or just forget everything happened. Stop mentioning what happened that night. Because that won't change my decision. I am not going to give this a chance between the two of us. I repeat things only work for you and for my daughter but not us! I hope you understand!"

"But Em....!"

"Daniel please .. I will contact you and bring your lawyer or something of you want, so we can discuss our responsibility both to our daughter!"

"But I am hoping we can work! Em please I am not getting younger. I really meant it. I want to be family with you! Please.... !!!" I said as I kneel in front of her and hugged her legs.

"What the...!!! Get up Daniel!" She said glaring at me and trying to make me stand up.

"Please ... Give me a chance I promise you. I will be good to both of you!" I said as I hold her legs to take tightly.

"No!!!! Please leave....!"

"No!!!!" I yelled at her. As I get up and looked at her.

Why can't she understands that I want to start things between us. I can make this work.

"Get out!"

Then the door of her room bursted opened and my family and her looking at us confused and so much questions in there eyes.

"What happened here?" Uncle Xavier voice. I know his trying to calm down his self.

"Dad I can explain!" Emily said looking trembling and afraid.

"Uncle Xavier, Aunt Emma, mom dad, Emerald is my daughter! I am her father!"

"You what??????????" All of them said shocked and confused visible in there eyes.

"How did this happened Daniel???" Uncle Xavier voice boomed. I know his angry right now. I can see how he hold his fist.

"Look Xavier... Let's talk about this ok. I mean we can settle this. How about we go down and drink some water. I think we all need to calm down!" My dad initiated.

Good thing Uncle Xavier and Aunt Emma agreed. We all went down but Emily took Emerald since she's wake up and began to cry. I came close to them.

"Can I carry her??" I said as I extend my arms. Emily nodded and she give Emerald to me.

When she finally settle in my arms. I saw her looking at me so deeply. The explainable joy and happiness that I am feeling right now is beyond that I can't describe it through words.

"She so beautiful!" I said when she smiled at me. Even her smile looks like me. " You really look like me baby girl!" I said as tears rolled down in my cheeks. I can't help it. My exact replica is here in my arms smiling at me. How can't I not cry?

"Come both of you!" My dad said to us. And I looked at Emily.

We stare at few seconds and nodded. We walked beside each other as I hold Emerald in my arms whose making a cute sound in her giggled.

I bet she's going to be daddy's little girl. I will surely spoiled her so much. If I she asked anything I won't hesitate to give it to her. Why can't I? She's my world now. Both of them her mother and her.

Glancing at Emily whose obviously trying to figure out something in her mind. I know deep inside she's battling to herself. I don't care if she's not going to give us a chance. I will make her change her mind. I won't let go both of them.

Because I already decided beginning today this two girls will be my world. I won't hesitate to fight for them. Because I love them both.

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