Chapter eighteen

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Emily POV

I have urgent meeting with my manager and the company CEO Ms. Avril Lange. The reason, they said I need to take some projects since I been out for the industry for almost two years now. Though I told them that I don't really want to show my face in any magazines, shows, or runaways for now since I want to fully focus my attention to my little girl.

But clearly they don't understand me even a little since they still summon me to come in the company with given prior notice to be done immediately. Good thing, my mom was available or else I'll be damn if I need to phone Daniel again and asked favor from him to look for our daughter while I am doing my meeting.

"I clearly stated back in a year ago that I will need to focus my attention to my daughter, Ms. Avril!" I said as I tried to reminded her the past encountered we had when I conceived my daughter at that time. I also did not renew my contract to them since I want to be free for awhile from model duties.

"Yes that's the thing, everyone want to know about your life now. The magazines offer to have exclusive coverage between you and your daughter life. You will have photoshoot with your daughter and make it as exclusive to them. And they will pay you big time!" She said and i tempted to rolled my eyes at her. But I hold back since I still choose to respect her anyway.

" Then my answer is no Av! I don't want to drag my daughter into spotlight. She's not include as my agenda in my job. So please kindly answers all the magazines who asked you about that exclusive coverage since it's far from happening!" I said as I calmly explained to her.

"But Emy, it's a good scoop and publicity to you. The public still wants to even after having a child without a father in show. You should feel greatful for that!" She said and I swear I felt my blood boiled and I half tempted to lunged at her.

"Avril, my answer still the same, it's a no! Don't drag my daughter in this. And please don't you dare says that she has no father in show since she have. But I prefer to make it private since the father is a very private person. I don't wish to talk to it to anyone not even in the magazines! So please decline all the offers!" I said as I still stood in my ground but clearly drawing the lines on her between what's off limits to my life.

"Come on! It's the glittering world that you have. You can't deny it! Whether you like it or not someday she will belong in here just like you since you are her mother!" Avril still pushing my button. I look at my manager whose completely become audience with my little not so good chat with the CEO of the company.

"Look! We will just try to think about it Mam Av! Clearly Emy is still figuring herself since she's still a new mom! Can we just give her some times to think about it?" My manager said and glared at her. This two didn't understand me at all seriously.

" Told even if you ask me million times my answer will still the same! It's a no! My private life is off limits! Is there anything else? Since I want to be back home. I don't want my daughter to miss me terribly!" I told them as I about to pick up my bag and stand up.

"Emy, think about this! Anyway there are still few who wants you to do there runaways. Think about it too! The early you come back the better!" Avril said to me

"Av.. I am thankful for you for looking out for a work for me. But please give me time to relax and be with my daughter! I promise to return but not so early!"

"Then if you return too late what if you get replace by the new comers? The young ones who still hot and single!" Av said to me trying to intimidate me for sure which is not working.

"Then good for them. With the amount of money that I already save I think I can survive by it. Thank you for the concern!" I said and I walked out from the meeting room.

I know my manager walking behind me as I can hear the clicking of her heels.

"Look I think we should think about what she said! Not all people given this kind of opportunity Emy!" She said to me as she stood in front of me.

"No!" I stomped off leaving her behind. My manners left behind after those non stop banters we have but still she can't understand a thing.

I went to the rest room wanting to refresh myself a little bit. Just as I walked through it. I saw a familiar figure approaching me. I know that person.

"Hey! You're back!" He smiled at me. And I politely returned the gestures to him.

"Actually no! But they summon me here so yeah I'm here!" I said casually to him.

"That's Avril to you.!" He said while shaking his head of disagreement. "So how about a coffee? I know a place near here!" He offered and I mentally think about my daughter who I left in his father care.

"Nope! I need to be home as soon as possible! But thank you for the offer!" I turn him down nicely.

"Oh! You have already a boyfriend? Am I too late?" His gazed fixed on me like trying to assess me in a way I can't described.

"Well kind off! I have a baby!" I said no worries about whatever he gonna says.

"Uhmm.. so you're married?" He asked me. Those deep blue eyes staring at me , waiting for my answer.


"The father is not on the picture?" He asked again.

"Actually he is , but we co parenting!" I said.

" You're not in relationship with him?" He asked me.


I watched him as he exhale a deep breath with slight grin on his face. He didn't bother to keep his smiling face at me. Indicating his happy with my answers.

"Then I guess I am not late.!" I didn't missed how he mumbled those words.

"Can I go inside the restroom. I need to refresh!" I said then I walked passed him. He nodded in reply but not leaving his eyes on me.

As I went inside the room. I took a deep breath. Why does he have to show up now?

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