Chapter twenty

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Emily POV

Sighing, I felt like my whole energy left my body after a very long conversation I had with Mark at the park.

After we talked I told him I need to go back home. Thank goodness he understands me. And said that if I ever change my mind he will always be there for me. I laughed at him saying that that's crazy, their are a lot of women who will line up for him. He laughed at me and said.

"Yup! Too many women but few only who are real just like you. I solely regret what happened in the past. I shouldn't left you!" He said and again his bringing the past.

"That's ok! There are still few women Mark. Try to look around you and you can find one!" I said

After that, I told him it's time for us to go home and just like cue , Emerald's yawn cutely. Then he offered to take us home but I declined and said that I have my car with me.

He protested and said that it would be very difficult for me since I have Emerald's with me. I didn't have any reason to reject him and just let him take us both home. He said we will asked someone to take care of my car.

After feeding Emerald, she fall asleep and cradle her softly in my arms.

"She so cute and beautiful!" He commented with he glanced to me. Looking at how peaceful the little on her sleep.

"Yeah! But she's so energetic!" I said to him.

"Does her father knew about her?" He asked me.

"Yup! She's daddy's little girl actually!" I answered him truthfully.

"Her father is a lucky guy to have Emerald as his baby girl!" He said while driving, smiling at me.

"Yeah!!" I said shortly since I don't know what to say anymore.

"Do you and her father have relationship now? I mean more than just parents to her?" He asked all the suddenly.

"Nope! We're doing co parenting together for her!"

"I guess I still have hope then!" He said in hopeful eyes.

Oh no, not again! Why can't he not understand a thing?

"Mark I told you , my daughter is my priority right now!"

"Sorry Em!" He said giving me apologetic smiled when take a glance at me for a moment then turn his attention again to the road.

Not for long , we arrived in my house. I saw lights reflected on it. Indicating someone was already inside the house. I don't need to guess who since he always do this anyway.

Daniel has been constantly having sleep overs in my house. He said that he loves it when his the first person to greet Emerald when she wakes up in the morning. I protested at first but he never listened at all. It's not like we share room anyway. I have vacant room so he occupied it.

I slid off from the passenger seat and walked towards my house. Mark wants to carry Emerald but I told him, he doesn't have to. I don't want to disturb her sleep.

Just as we near the front door. I face him and about to say goodbye.

"So goodbye! Thank you for driving me here!" I said to him.

"Yeah! Your welcome. Emerald is such a cute and beautiful girl like her mama!" He said to me. " You know my number so don't hesitate to message me anytime. And I will be there in an instant!" He said to me and about to hug me but a fake cough caught our attention and we instantly looked at the person.

"Good evening!" Daniel voice lingers on the surrounding.

"Good evening too! I'm Mark by the way!" Mark introduced himself to Daniel.

"Daniel Martin!" He said casually with confidence. But I noticed how he glared at Mark when he tried to hug me.

"Yeah! You're a well known billionaire who owns a lot of prestigious hotels, resorts and hospitals!" Mark said clearly he knows Daniel well.

"Yeah and I am Emerald's father!" He said. I stared at him confusedly. How can he say something uncalled like that?

"Oh!" Mark said as he taken aback of the information. " Glad to meet you then Mr. Martin!" He said while he extend his hand to do the hand shake.

But the way they done hand shaking was something really strange. They keep staring each other like they battling something inside.

"So, we will head inside now Mark. I need to put Emerald in the bed!" I said trying to ease the tension.

"Ok! Bye em!" He said then walked out from the us.

I went inside the house and I know Daniel was on my trail since I can hear his footsteps behind me. I went to my room and put Emerald to the bed. Lying her and covered her with blanket.

I sigh as I try to flex my muscles since I felt cramps after an hour carrying her. She's growing so fast and she's getting bigger.

"Why are you with him?" Daniel startled me. I almost forgot that his with me. I spoon around and look up to him.

His face does not show any hint of happiness at all.

"We meet at the park!" I said casually as I shrugged my shoulder like it's nothing at all.

"You meet him at the park and you didn't tell me?" He asked like I done something terrible.

"Why would I tell you about it?" I asked him confusedly.

"Because I need to know who are you with. Why did you bring Emerald to meet him? Is he your boyfriend?" He asked incredulous and I shake my head at him.

"Look, I don't have time to answer that! I better eat cause I am starving!" I said as I walked passed him.

What happened to this guy all suddenly? Why is he asking me such questions?

I am almost in the kitchen when I heard a booming voice behind me.

"Don't you dare walk out on me Em!" He said and let out a sigh looking at him seriously.

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