Chapter sixteen

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Emily POV

How can I make that idiot understand that I don't want anything to do with him.

If not him realizing his similarities with my daughter. And threatened me to have paternity test and sue me. I will never admitted to him that his the father of my daughter. Cause I don't really want any complications at all. I just want to live in peace.

But seems like peace is far from me when this idiot keeps barging in my house each and every day. Not a single he will not visit us. Comes with bouquet of flowers turning my house like flower shop now.

I keep telling him to stop visiting us everyday but he won't listened at all. Sometimes I want to grab something and hit it to him. Since I am losing my patience.

My parents they keep telling me to give him a chance and I told them no. I know they love Daniel as there own since we grow up together and both parents are close friends but I can't. I don't want to fall on him.

Daniel is not hard to love. Yes! His handsome, rich and sexy too. I remembered during my high school days my classmates often gushed about him being gentleman. Which I snorted out since for me that guy has no gentle being on him.

I always end up fighting with them. Because they will get angry of how I described Daniel how jerk and asshole he is making them turn into berserk. Leave it to his crazy fans back there. But it didn't change even now.

Let's just say he is just simply ladies man.

I remembered one time when I went to grocery store and he tugged along. Yeah you can imagine how I protested too much but the idiot? Nah! He won't listened nor barged. He even have the decency to stole my keys and drive my car. All I can so was to swallow my annoyance on him.

He volunteered to carry Emerald as we walked through the grocery store. Once I done I went to cashier to pay for it. Just as I about to pay the idiot hold his card and told the cashier to charge it to him. Of course I protested but as always the guy never listened. I didn't missed how the girls even the cashier lady gawked at the sight of him.

A man wearing perfectly tailored suit which obviously comes from expensive brand looking so sexy and devilish handsome holding a baby on his arms? Get it right? Very very attractive.

Girls are giggling and keep pointing at him. But the guy was to oblivious to notice. Since his too focused on our daughter whose now giggling at him.

Our daughter is daddy's little girl. I swear no matter how I protest him being always our house. But when I saw them together, everything vanished into pieces. Our daughter will always happy and all giggled when her father is around.

And by the way she's now six months old. As she grows up she's became more and more exactly like her daddy. The way her smile, when she twinkle her eyes. I swear almost everything she's carbon copy of her dad.

Right now, I am currently sitting in my bedroom in my bed playing with my little daughter. Then my doorbell rings and I pick up Emerald to open the door.

"Ehhh.. Wow what a surprise!" I said. Natalie and Arabella is in my doorstep all smiling.

"Surprised!" The said and giggles.

"Get inside, me and Emerald just playing!" I said as I opened my door wide for them to step in.

"You have such a nice house Em! No wonder my brother always here!" Arabella grinned at me.

"Yeah... To the point that Emman even said to pack overnight bag since all he can do is to talk about he spent your days together! Awwwww so sweet!" Natalie gushed and squealed.

" Hahahaha funny girls!" I said sarcastically.

" Let's go shopping Em? How about it? It's been so long since we do have our girls stuff!" Arabella offered.

"I am currently taking care of Emerald Belle. As much as I misses bonding the two of you but I can't go out!" I said to them.

"Come on you can dropped her to Daniel's office!"

"Huh?" I asked innocently.

"Please Em, you can dropped her to her father. Daniel will be over the moon to see both of you!" Natalie said wiggling her brows.

"I better drop her to my parents to take care of her than to Daniel!" I said to them making them both stunned.

"Don't be like that Em, why would you go to your parents when there's my brother whose happily willing to take care of his own daughter!" Arabella said to me.

"Please Em?????" Natalie added.

I winced looking at both of them. I don't really want to go to Daniel. I don't want to impose him.

"I can't Bell, it's office hour! I don't think it's a good idea for me to disturb him. !"

"Fine let's go there and asked him if you really distury him!" Arabella said to me.

"Give me Emerald!" Natalie hold out her arms and carry her.

My goodness this two woman knows how to negotiate. I stomped walking to my room and change.

"Oh lala!" Natalie whistle when she saw me stepping out from my room

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"Oh lala!" Natalie whistle when she saw me stepping out from my room. .

"What?" I asked them. As I hold out my arms to get Emerald from Natalie hold.

"Let's go!" Arabella excitedly said to us.

Not for long we reached Daniel office. Right now I am stay rooted in my position, having self debate whether to really left Emerald to him for few hours or to my parents.

"Come on don't tell me your chicken out?" Arabella said to me teasingly.

"Fine!" I said as I huffed.

As we reached the door to his office. All of the sudden Arabella and Natalie pushed me inside and closed the door, leaving me behind here in Daniel's office.

Traitors!!! I secretly muttered.

"What a pleasant surprise. What is my two beautiful girls doing here?" Daniel said as he stood up from his seat and walked closer to me.

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