Chapter seventeenth

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Emily POV

" What a pleasant surprise! What is my two beautiful girls doing here?" Daniel said to me while he stood from his seat and make his way to us.

"Hmmmm.. Arabella and Natalie invite me to go out. I told them I need to drop Emerald to my parents but they said it's a best idea to leave Emerald to you!" I said as I explaining to him.

Emerald extended her hands to her dad, getting his attention. He smiled to her and I swear she giggled when she saw her dad smiling at her.

"My little daddy's girl, come to daddy!" Daniel said as he opened his arms and I extended Emerald to him.

Emerald let out a squeaky sound when she's in the arms of her father. She's all giggling and wiggling her little foot indicating she's very happy and delighted.

"Awww my beautiful girl!" Daniel said to her as he shower her kisses on the cheeks.

"I swear she's more on you daddy's girl than mommy's girl!" I commented looking at them.

"Someone is jealous!" Daniel teases me.

"I am not! " I scowled at him. " So can I left Emerald to you for a moment? I will come and collect her after we done!" I said bringing the topic back.

"Yup! In one condition!" My eyes  snapped to him.

"Huh? What's condition?"

"Wear my jacket!" He said and I picked his jacket from his chair and hand it to me.

"Why?" I asked him confusingly.

"You are too sexy in that dress! I don't want any guys looking at you becy you are mine " Making me more confused.

"Stop saying that! I am not yours! I don't need a jacket. It's hot outside!" I answered him.

"No, you will going to wear it. Every man will look at you when you pass by them.!"

"How can you say that? Every man? Don't joke on me Daniel!" I said to him.

"Just wear my jacket. Ok?" He said to me and stole a quick pick of my lips making me shocked.

"Daniel what the hell was that?" I hissed at him.

"I kiss you!"

"I know.. but why?"

"Because I want to!" He said like it's natural thing to do.

"I am not your girlfriend for you to kiss whenever you want. Stop acting one!" I reminded him.

"Yes! You are not my girlfriend but my soon be wife!" He corrected me.


", Dadadadaddadad.....!!" All of the sudden my daughter blurted out a words.

"Did you hear that? She called me dada?" Daniel looked at Emerald with a pride.

" Wow dada is your first word baby girl!" I said as I cooed her looking at the two of us.

"Dadadadaddadad....!" She said as she extended her hands and patted her dad's face.

" My cute beautiful baby girl! Dada loves you too!" He said and kissed her.

Emerald squeal in delight and happily chanted the words dadada over and over again. Obviously her dad is over the moon as he looked into her proudly.

After so much debate, I end up wearing his jacket on me.

His jacket envelope me with his intoxicating colon. I swear I feel like I have Daniel on my side.

"So how's the talk with my brother?" Arabella said as she drives the car heading to the mall.

"It's ok!" I shrugged at her.

"I think it's more than ok! Since your wearing his jacket now!" Natalie pointed at the jacket.

"He doesn't like me to go out without it. I don't even know why!" I told them.

As we reached in the mall. Arabella and Natalie exited the car excitedly.

"Let's go!" Arabella Said.

"Excuse me??" A girl from behind us calling out my attention as the three of us sitting in chair waiting for our orders to arrive.

We decided to eat lunch since we are hungry.

"Hmm?" I hummed in question to her.

"Are you Emy Knight?" She asked me with a glittering eyes.

"Yes??" I answered her

"Oh my god! Can I have your signature please? And photo of you too please? I am a great fan of yours!" She said making me smile to her.

"Sure!" I nodded at her.

After I completed everything she asked me. She exited happily and calling someone on her phone talking about how she meet me.

"Wow... Super model huh?" Arabella teases me

"No wonder all the girls and boys here keeps looking at you. Staring at you like your came from heaven!" Natalie pointing at everyone.

I smiled to everyone who looks up to me like they recognize me. Having my self plastered on billboards and magazines of course it's just normal they will recognize me.

Not for long a bunch of girls approaches me asking for my signature and have photo of me.

"Hi? Can we have your signature?" .

"Can we take picture together please?" ..

"Thank you miss Emy!" The said while bowing there heads.

"Super model Emy huh? Hahahaha... I still can't believe it. But now, the way people gushing about you. Taking secretly pictures of you. Now I know the life!" Arabey rants.

Then my phone rings and I saw Daniel name on it. I excuse myself and answered him.

"Is something wrong?" I asked him.

"No I should be the one asking you. I saw some photos of you in the social media just now. Are you ok? Are there a lot of fans out there? Where are you?" He said as he asked me worriedly.

"I am ok Dan, don't worry! I am already used to it!" I answered him

"Tell me where you are. I will come and get you. I am already in my car with Emerald with me!"

"Ohhh? Is she ok?"

"Yup super ok! She keeps blabbering... I feed her the bottle milk but she didn't finish it!"

"Yeah she's like that. She doesn't like formula milk. She used to breastfeed!" I answered him.

"Where are you?"

I told him where I am and in few minutes he came with Emerald in his arms.

"Awww... My brother is such a worry wart!" Arabella commented as she saw how Daniel looked at me worriedly.

"You both are cute!"

"Shut up Nat!" I scowled at her.

"Are you three done?"

"Nope! We need to go to gucci. I need new bags!" Natalie said.

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