Chapter six

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Emily POV

I groaned as I feel something heavy pressed over me. I shifted a little only to hear a musculine kind of groaned from the other side which obviously not came from me. I don't own such voice and I am certainly not musculine.

I opened my eyes instantly. Just to be stunned and shocked. The moment my eyes landed on the face of the person I wasn't expected to be. For the love of God, I never imagined my life being in this situation where I am fully naked sharing same bed of my nemesis. Much worse I know we done so much more than sharing bed.

I staggered as I find myself walked inside the bathroom. I need to clean and refresh my mind. I feel suffocated and hibernating. The fact that I don't want to accept the fact what's really happened.

I changed into my clothes from last night. I can't smell the lingering scent of alcohol on it and combination of man's colon. I wouldn't wonder where it came from.

After a few minutes I was able to recover. Turning the door knob, finally I should face the truth the sooner the better. I inhale a sharp intake and huffed telling myself it will be ok.

Just as I step out from the bathroom. I saw him already cover with his clothes last night. He looks at me then grab his wallet from the night stand.

"Look, I don't know what happened last night but don't ever think it will change everything.  I still hate you and don't won't stop. So if you have any intention, drop it! Let's just forget what happened between us!" He said. I stood there like statue I feel like I am no different from those girls he dated, used and discarded.

I looked straight to his eyes trying to fight the urge of my sting eyes. I need to hold it back. This guy doesn't deserve ample respect. I bravely face him and refused to succumb the failure I have felt at this moment.

"Yeah... No problem!" I said nonchalantly. If he can act like he doesn't care a bit then why can't I? He's not the only guy on this world though I hated that I surrender my virginity to him and just discarded me plainly like that.

"Good!" He said then walked out.

Such a douchebag, I can't believed his son of uncle Archer. He is nothing like him. Daniel is more like opposite of his father. He is egoistic, jerk and insensitive man whore.

I will never forget this day. How he make me feel unworthy and discarded me like trash. Beginning today I will hate him more than I hate before.


Time skip

After being left alone in hotel room. I went home immediately and started to pack my things. I need to go back to my place and resume my unfinished business. My manager has been calling me since this morning of what time will I be back. .

"Sweetheart visit us from time to time ok? Mama misses you!" My mom said to me. She's tearing up while my dad on her side cooeng her.

"That's ok honey! We can visit her sometime too!" My dad said to her.

"Why do you need to be away from us? Huhuhu... I only have two children and yet both of you are far from me!" My mama said

"Mommm.... You know my dreams!" I said since she know what I really want in life.

"Yes! But can't you not model here? "

"Mom I started there anyway. And I will go back too. It's not like I never visited you! I will come home again!" I said. My mama is such a drama queen. Though I always come home but she still misses me.

"You can't blame me ok? You are my one and only daughter. How I wish I have grandchild now! So I won't be bored!" She said and I scowled at her.

"Mom asked Xavi that!" I said since my brother is older than me. Since as of for me I don't know when I am going to get married. Especially after what happened. Boys are disgusting pig.

After I finished packing I went straight to car and drives back to place again. I only live few hours drives from my parents. I just want to have place on my own. You know my own salvation, my own sanctuary.

I arrived in my place feeling drained and exhausted. The fack that I can still feel my hungover. I really badly need a hot soup.

I look into my cupboards and trust o find ingredients to cook. Thankfully I still have few groceries stocks on me. I need to go to groceries store tomorrow. Take note to that.

Cooking is also something I learned from dad. My mom can't cook..I swear! But it's amazing how my dad love her and cook for her.

I remembered during my younger years. Dad will be the one in charge of the kitchen and made us breakfast everyday before he went to work together with mom dropping her in the hospital.

That's what I love the most of my dad. He really love my mom too much. Spoiled her like she's fucking baby, even now!. Mom can only bake sweets. Yeah! But dad? Can do anything. He's an ultimate package. How can I find someone as perfect as my dad now a days?


I preferred to be single for life.

I shake my head as memories from last night come flashing back. I am trying to erase it in my system. Every damn things we done together come crushing one by one. If only I can stop my brain to recall it. It's frustrating and annoying. Can't I just dictate my brain to stop thinking about that asshole? And forget everything damn things we done together in thaf room?

Why I can't seem to discarded it?

The truthfully and honestly that guy can do more than just sex. No wonder girls are crazy for him.

Urrrrrgggg.... It's frustrating!!!!!

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