Chapter nine

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Emily POV

I glanced at my daughter whose making weird sound as she keeps sucking her thumb while she's lying in the lounger bed.

All of the sudden she looked at me and smiled

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All of the sudden she looked at me and smiled. Instantly it brightens my day and ease my heart. That's all I need after all the things happened beyond my control.

I don't wish to hide my pregnancy to anyone nor to the public. I am not ashamed being mother to my beautiful daughter. She's the best that ever happened to me. Hiding her is against my will. But I can't help but to do it.


I don't want that idiot to know that I am pregnant after the night we spend together.

I don't want him to pull a cards on me and let him mistreated me again. I don't want him to think that I want to trap him in my pregnancy because that would be the last thing I would do.

The reaction and the thing he said to me that night still keeps playing in mind. I don't want my daughter to hear him saying something like that or rejected her. So to avoid such a thing I hide my pregnancy.

Though I know everything has it's limit and right now I am on my limit. Everyone knows and my parents about my pregnancy and my baby too. As much as I want to hide her from the world I failed. The paparazzi caught me and exposed to public.

I don't really care but once the news broke my parents can't stop calling me and keep ringing my phone over and over again. I don't wish them to know about my daughter over some stupid news. I have plan on confessing to them but sadly the paparazzi beat me to it.

My phone rings again and I blow my hair that falls in face. I saw my father name flashed on the screen. I sigh before I answered the call. This is the 20nth time they called me since this morning.

"Dad?" I said to him.

" Honey I just want to make sure. Your coming tomorrow right? We will be there in the airport ok?" My dad said and it's 20th times already I heard him said that.

"Yes dad! You already told me that!"

"I just want to make sure sweetheart! Your mama is so excited here. I mean we are grandparents. Who would thought!" My dad said and I sighed.

" Dad... I am sorry about what happened and the way I hide my daughter!"

"You can explain that when you here. What's important your coming home. Actually I want to come there and get you but I know you want some space sweetheart!" Making me all tear up.

How can I be so lucky to have such a wonderful and loving parents. Despite everything and hide it from them they still understand me and even excited to meet my daughter.

After I assured my dad that I will not back out and will come home tomorrow. I bid goodbye to him and hang up.

My daughter make a sound, that something I know she will do when she's hungry.

Yes! I breastfeed my daughter. It's important for the baby right? And it's super healthy too. Though I also feed her milk bottle but I make sure I feed her more from breastfeed.

Speaking of my daughter. She have same features like her dad. The only thing she got from me is my hair color. Yup! She have brunette hair like mine unlike her father a blonde one.

So now here I am debating and arguing to myself what would I do. I mean I will go back there. And what? Will they suspicious of her? I mean she looks like mini Daniel, minus the hair! Whatever! As the saying says " we will cross the bridge when we get there!"

As far as I concerned, he doesn't even know yet. And the event happened from that night always rewinding inside my head. So it's impossible for him to be curious right? I am safe to come home to my family.

Yeah yeah safe! I assured myself.



Deep breath.....

After I feed her, I scooped her and patted her back to make her burp. In a few minutes she's sleeping again. Every time I looked at her she always remind of me of him. How can I? She's exact replica of him. But I will not say it to anyone even my parents. I decided to keep her father unknown for anyone. She doesn't need one anyway.

I name her Emerald since she have green eyes. A two pair sets of green eyes like Emerald stone which she inherited from her father.

Emerald.... She only needs me and my family I know they will understand.

I packed our things and get ready for my flight tomorrow. Since I am in  Paris now. I hide here in Paris bought a simple apartment to stay, enough just for the two of us.

I have still have enough money too. Even so, my manager has been contacting me that I can come back anytime if I am ready. I love my modeling job. But right now I love my daughter the most. And she needs me to take care of her.

Work can wait but my daughter she will go first in my priority.

I smiled when she giggled while sleeping so soundly. How much everything changes since she's born. But a good change. Though she came from that night but for me she came from heaven above. She's my angel sent from above.

I will love her and fight for her. I will shield her from any harm and hurt in this world. So she won't be needing a dad figure she will have me. Always and will be.

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