chapter three

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Daniel POV

I clenched my jaw as I shut my door forcedly. I am being pissed as of this moment, thinking of some evil ways on how to kill a certain evil woman slowly and painfully in my bare hands. I went to my bathroom and turn on my shower. She did really out done herself this time. If only my mom is not there I already have her head by now.

Are you wondering what happened? Well, that infuriating, pestiferous, vexatious woman decided to throw me in the pool with my full clothes on.

How did this happened? I am sure as hell you want to know since how come I managed myself to be thrown in the pool by her right?

Well, it's started when we heard a sound came from outside. And my mom exclaimed that it was my brother and my brother-in-law just came home since she asked them an errands to do. She hurriedly went to see them and leave me sitting in the bench alone while I watched the three girls playing with water animatedly.

"Dan.. can you please give me a water? I'm thirsty!" That's my older sister Arabella and I nodded at her.

"Are you not going to swim Danny?" My sister in law voice chirped in while I went to the side table where the beverages located. I look up to her in my shoulder.

"Nah... I'll passed maybe when Ash and Emman here!" I answered her and she nodded. She swim again and went to middle of the pool.

Just as when I was about to give the water to my sister. Emily stand up from the pool and about to take the glass of water. I raised up the glass so she can't reach it. But the woman have other evil plan, instead she push me down to the pool. I fall with glass on me. As I come back to my senses I looked at her fire blazing on my eyes I don't care anymore if mom will see me. I will punish this woman for being such shameless, insolent and impudent. How dare she do this to me.

I pull myself up not caring the water dripping from my body. I took a step forward to her and her eyes went wide as she step back, looking such a scared cat. I smirked while pissed is still evident of my face.

I grab her wrist as I come near her and throw her in my shoulder. She let out a squeaky sound and I didn't care. I unceremoniously throw her big time in the pool. After a second she glared at me and now it's my time to make fun of her.

"You man whore!!!!" She shouted at me while her eyes narrowed like a blazing fire that wants to burn me.

"Bitch...!!!" I said as I walked out and pulled myself upward from the pool.

I groaned as I look at my suit all wet from the pool. I took a glance to the girl who cause me to this. She smiled slyly at me while giving me a middle finger. I mouthed her back " fuck you!!" Of course it's only me and her can understand it. My sister in-law and my sister just laughed looking both of us.

Well, that's how I ended up here in my room. After walking out from the pool I immediately went to my room. After washing I changed into my comfortable clothes. I just wished that girl will not be here as I go downsy since she have this ability to make my blood boiled in instant. I just don't know why. I hated the sight of here. She's annoying as fuck!

Thank goodness as I step in the living room all I can see are my family means no annoying bitch included. I saw Emman carrying her cute and Chubb daughter Amelia. She just looks like her mother, a carbon copy of her exactly.

Ashley my beautiful niece went immediately to me and I scooped her in my arms.

"Uncle D! I miss you!" She said. She grown so big. Last time I saw her she's a little bit small.

"Miss you my princess!" I said as I kissed her.

"Do you have gift for me uncle D?"

"Me too???" I heard my other niece asked. She's Ashley twin sister. She's busy playing Amelia while Emman carrying the baby.

"Yup! I have for both of you." I answered them making them both squealed.

"Thank you Uncle D!" They both said in unison.

"I wonder when are you going to get married Dan!" Arabella asked me and I glared at her.

"I don't have plan Belle! Don't add me with you and Emman. It's enough that you both are married. I don't have plan to surrender my freedom to anyone!" I answered her making my mom growled which I didn't noticed that she's standing just right at my back.

"Don't you dare say that Dan! How could you! Girls doesn't take boys freedom right honey???" My mom said in a sweet voice looking at my dad. Of course I obviously know my dad's answered.

"Yes honey! That's true!" I secretly rolled my eyes on them. My dad is such a pussy whipped.

"Whipped dad!" I whispered to him and it didn't miss to anyone.

" Hahahah... One day you will find someone who will make you whipped bro!" Emman laughed at me. While his holding a feeding bottle to feed his daughter.

"What a sight to see! My play boy brother whose looking mushy taking care of his daughter, so soft and whipped!" I teasingly said to him.

"Shut up! So what I am soft, mushy and whipped. I am a proud dad and husband!" He said strongly while looking at me. I didn't miss how Natalie eyes flickered into her husband.

"I really love you honey!" She said while she kissed his cheeks.

" Get a room you too! There are kids in here!" I said while I playfully gagged.

"Hahahaha... Wait till you see my making out with my wife!" Emman said grinning making Natalie blushed into like a ripe tomato.

"Emman don't say that!" Natalie scolded him.

"Uncle D what's making out????" Ashley asked me innocently making Arabella eyes turns wide. She glared to Emman while the idiot brother of mine just shrugged.

"Emman!" Arabella yelled at him.

"Ok ok fine sorry!" Emman raised his hand on surrender.

"You three will never change. It always like this. Even the two of you married. !" My mom said as she looks at us.

"Mom nothing will change. My two idiotic and dumb brothers will stay idiot and dumb!" Arabella said making Ashton and Natalie laughed.

"Hahahah... As if your husband is not idiot!" I countered back at her.

She looked at her husband whose busy glaring at me at the moment.

"Don't worry sweetheart! Don't listen to him his just jealous because he have no love life!" Arabella said as he coed him and kissed him.

"Can you please both of you couples do that in your room? At this rate I will throw all my food in my stomach!" I said to them.

"See his bitter!" Arabella added teasing to me.

" What bitter are you talking about? I have love life ok? I just don't want to get whipped just like you two, I mean I will include dad for that!"

Ashton, Emman and my dad glared at me. They all charges to me and smacked me playfully.

"Bitter no wonder Emily doesn't like you!" Emman said making me snapped my eyes to him

"What are you talking about? Like me? Shit ... I don't like that woman not a bit!" I told them.

"Hahahaha... Say that to the marines bro! All I can see is that you are just sexually frustrated!" They all laughed at me.

"What the fuck! I hate that girl!"

" Yeah! There's a thin line between hate and Love bro!" Arabella added making me more pissed off now.

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