Chapter twenty eight

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Emily POV

I looked at myself in the mirror. Still, no matter how I put concealer on my neck there still slight bruise on it. Argh Daniel can be so annoying. I told him many times and everytime we had intimate moment together that no markings on my neck or any parts of my body but that idiot guy never listened at all.

Every time I checked myself in the mirror every morning. He always leave hickeys on it.

We been dating like a normal couple do for the past three months. I swear we never had any arguments because he didn't allowed any of it.

I love how patience he is to me. And even everytime I had my monthly visit he's there for me. Buying me the things I am craving off.

Those past few months made me think that I didn't regrets a single thing that I gave him a chance. A chance to be together. A chance that our family will be a real family this time.

Last month, my manager again asked me to come back to work. But I declined. Daniel even accompanied me in my agency that day.

I know all eyes are on us that day. Since they didn't expected someone like him will show up in that place with me especially. I was kind of embarrassed since it's my first time to publicly showed my relationship.

I may had a boyfriend before but never I had this instances going around in the building walking hand in hand like a teenager.

Daniel stayed at the waiting area since my work is confidential for me. I don't want him to get involved on it.

"So??" Miss Avril asked me. Like wanted to spit the information to her.


"I mean you and that powerful man? How?"

"We just dated for three months but anyway. It's not the reason why I am here right?"

"Oh yeah... We assume you already think carefully everything? I mean how many years had it been Em? Hiatus? For almost two years now? At least show yourself in the magazines from time to time!" Miss Avril said to me.

"Mam.. I don't see the point? Their are a lot of models in your agency. I think they deserve a break. Give the opportunity to them. I think I will no longer sign anymore. I want to focus on my family!"

"What? Em, how could think that way? I know you came from rich family but you know I am your manager?" My manager said clearly not amused of my declaration.

"Yes I am sorry for that! It's just that I don't have time for my career right now! And it's not fair for both of you. I don't want to you think anymore that I will be appearing any time soon but I am not. I am going to concentrate in being my daughter mom's!"

"Is your reason also include the guy outside?" My manager asked me and I was clearly taken by surprised.

"Of course not! Daniel and I have good relationship. I don't want to ruin it. But I am thinking for the future of my family!" I said to them

"Ok if that's what you want. But can you do one project before you retire?" Avril asked me and I furrowed my brows on her.


"I mean that magazine keeps asking you for your interview. How about consider this? It's a parting project where you can say goodbye to your fans out there. They want as well waiting for you right?" She said and I nodded. I think she got her point there.

"Ok I will!"

Then she smiled to me in a cunning way. And I know for sure what it's mean. Oh oh..

"Can you tell me why that guy is there?"

"He is my boyfriend Av and also the father of my daughter!" I said to them and this time they both gasped in surprised.

"Really??" They both said in unison

"Yeah... So can I go? Just text me the details and I also for the shoot!" I said as I stand up.

"Em thank you!" Avril extend her hand. I grab her hand and shake it.

"Thank you for understanding!" I said to them.

Then I walked closer to the door and I gave my manager.

"Sorry for the late decision!" I said to her and she smiled

"That's ok! I can understand why?"I raised my brows confused on what she said and I saw she's staring at the front of me. I followed her vision and I saw Daniel already in front of me.

"Is everything ok Em?" He asked me while he took my bags from me.

From behind him, I saw girls in the distance. I know they made a move on him. But clearly his not interested at all.

"Thank you!" I said to him and I didn't expected the next thing he do. He grabbed me and kissed my lips.

I looked at him by surprised after he let go of my face.

"I love you!" He said and I smiled to him. We're having staring competition if not for my manager I don't think we both able to sense the people surround us.

"Hmmm!" My manager fake a cough gaining out attention back.

"Sorry Ma'am!" Daniel said

"Oh Dan this is my manager Olive. Olive this Daniel my boyfriend!" I said. And I didn't missed the smiled of his face when I mentioned boyfriend.

"Nice to meet you ma'am!" Daniel extended his hands for hand shakes.

"I heard a lot about you Sir. !" She said blushing. Oh.. who wouldn't Daniel is so handsome and can be distinguish as a model for his build and looks.

"Thank you. I hope you all heard good things about me!"

"Of course, so you and my baby?" She said and I frown.

"Stop both of you we are in the middle of hallway!" I said to them.

"Oh Em, do you want to include him in the shoot? I mean his your boyfriend and father of your daughter right?" She asked me and I shake my head.

"No..!" I answered quickly. Last thing I want is to drag Daniel in to my business.

"It's ok Em. I don't mind!" I looked at him staring at him in my wide eyes.


Thank goodness they both didn't bring the topic since I really don't want to drag him. Being a public personality you have a lot of paparazzi stalking to you and I don't want that.

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