Chapter five

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Daniel POV

The party took long as I expected. My parents was also busy talking to some people related to business. I know those people since I am part of my dad's business now. I mean both Emman and me. Arabella takes my mom business as head Doctor of the hospital that my family owned.

There are a lot of women threw flirty glance at me. Some even touches me in a way I never expected at all. Girls you can't understand them.

Yes that's right.

As some women busy flirting to me but there's a certain female who doesn't bother to throw a glance on me. Of course you already know her. That bitch Emily always makes me feel I am not worth enough of her attention as if I want her attention at all.

I looked at her and I saw her busy gulping at the glass filled with alcohol. Don't tell me she's planning to get drunk tonight? I shake my head and went to her.

This woman really have the guts to get drunk on her parents anniversary. I saw few empty glass on the side. At this rate this girl is more than tipsy at all. I shake her shoulder but she didn't budge at all. Her head rested in the table clearly she's drunk enough.

"Are you out of your mind?" I asked her in bewilderment.

She looked up to me and when saw the sight of me she narrowed her eyes. This girl really hated me as I hated her back. Well it's a mutual feeling after all.

"Man whore! What are you doing here? Aren't you busy purring yourself to those whore out there?" She said to me while gulping another shoot. Before she can finished it. I grabbed the glass from her hold.

"That's enough! How can you drink in yours parents anniversary!!!" I said trying to control my anger to her.

Why am I angry at this girl? I shouldn't care if she's going to get drunk or not.

" Hands off man whore! Go and fuck those females whose willing to bend there knees on you!" She said to me.

If I didn't know her I will say she's jealous of those girls. But then again this is Emily we are talking about. She's my mutual enemy.

"If I didn't know you better I will think you're jealous of those girls!" I said as I took a sit beside her.

" Huh? Are you crazy???????" She yelled at me and I glared at her since she's catching attention around us.

"Nope! Stop drinking! You're already drunk!" I said as I stop her hands from taking another drink.

As I hold her hand I can feel tingling sensation and spark when our skin collided. It's like my body got run by electric bolt. What the hell is happening to me?

" Stop talking! If you don't want to drink then don't! But I will drink!" She said and attempt to get the glass again but I stopped her again.

"I will drink it! Stop drinking you're a girl! And your parents will not like it!" I told her as I drunk the glass.

"Oh come on! I just want to drink! I never have this opportunity. I will be busy with work!" She said and I gulped since she's fucking beautiful in her drunk state.

Her face flushed indicating she's intoxicated just now. A pink stint in cheeks makes her looks so cute and sexy. And those sexy and pouted lips that I am tempted to touch.

Gezz what's wrong with my head tonight?

I should never feel this kind of attraction to this woman at all.

"Go back there man whore!" She spatted at me.

I frown looking at this woman. What's with her and the way she called me. Man whore?

I admit I dated a lot of women. But I never whore around like I dated them at the same time. I also made the point to break up first before starting another relationship. I am not one night stand type kind of guy too. So I am not man whore.

"Stop calling me man whore! I am far from that!" I said as I gulped down the alcohol.

" You are....!!!!" She said as she pointed at me.

" I am not! I am not like you. You always display your body. Why? I mean do your really need to do that? Have you not shame to yourself? Looking almost naked in those billboard proudly displaying your body to everyone to see!" I said as I can't hold back my words anymore.

"It's my work!"

"Work? Why work like that? Your family is rich. Why can't you do something other than stripping and posing in the camera? Your family have many business!" I said to her and she looks at me

"You don't know me! So stop judging me! If you don't want my presence stay away from me and I want to drink!" She said.

I didn't know why but as we both keep gulping the alcohol. We didn't noticed that we are already drunk to the point that we both landed in the hotel room where the party held. And guess what? We are in each other throat, like we are playing tongue hockey whose better player that can score. But fortunately we both do.

We both panting and groaning while tearing each other clothes. Once we succeeded stripping each other we lunged each other started to kissing, sucking and nipping each other skin.

I can feel the heat of my body rising more and more. It's not even helping the fact how she sexily moaned at every assault I make to her body. She keeps pushing her body to me, grinning it. Her tongue flickered teasingly in my neck. I groaned as I can feel her sucking my neck.

Once we are done, we held each other arms, sleeping peacefully in each other hands.


We didn't have slight idea what will happen tomorrow.

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