Chapter twenty four

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Emily POV

I swear that guy getting weirder each day. Yesterday after our fight he end up drunk and keep saying weird stuff in me. He even hugged and kissed me.

I carefully put Emerald on her baby seat and she smiled to me.

" I told you not to cook!" I heard him and I turn around looking at him. I gulped as I watched him walked beside me and Emerald. Just by standing closer to me like this I can smell his fresh shower scent. I mentally scolded myself for being an idiot. What was I thinking? I asked myself.

Get hold of yourself woman! I chanted to myself.

He give emerald a kiss on her cheeks making her all bouncy and want to be carried by her dad. As expected he carried her in a second.

"Why don't you refresh yourself and j will take care of our breakfast and Emerald!" He said to me and I eyes him worriedly. "Don't worry I can hand her!" He said and I shake my head.

"Yeah handle her! That's why you end up wet by just taking her bath? Clearly you can handle her well!" I said to him.

"Oh... That's because we both love water. Right baby girl!" He said as he glanced to our daughter.

Awww... This father and daughter tandem is such a sight to see. I guy whose even sexy on the first place but makes more hotter and sexier as he's on father mode.

"Dadadadadad.... !" Awww Emerald coed as her dear father playfully kissed her lovingly on her cheeks.

"Yeah yeah.. daddy heard you baby girl!" Daniel answered.

"Ok I will go now!" I said. I don't want to disturb their bonding.

" Hahahaha... Mama is jealous baby girl!" I can hear Daniel said to our baby.

I went to my room and give myself a relaxing shower. I take my time since I know those two are really enjoying themselves. I choose to wear short and simple t shirt that I usually wear everyday in the house.

I went downstairs and I can still hear our little girl giggled. She is such a daddy's girl. Did I ever said that many times right? I just can't help it. Emerald is such bubbly and full of energy. She's like a little ball of sunshine that makes everything seems brighter.

I don't care about what will happen to my career. I can still find a way, I mean another way to earn money. For now I still have my savings with me. And also Daniel keeps giving and buying everything in the house especially both our needs.

I don't have to go to grocery store since he always do that. He will buy milk and food for our baby that also included foods in the house. I also told him not to do it since it's my responsibility. He just said he wants to help me and also we are both his responsibility. And I don't agree, I told his only responsibility is our daughter. That does not included me since I am on my own. But being hard headed person he is. He didn't listened at all. He keeps doing it.

I turn myself to the direction where I can hear both of there voices.

"Your mommy will going to get mad at me. Look at you!" I heard Daniel said. Clearly his talking to our baby .

Just as I arrived in the area. My eyes almost went out from it's socket. Since the sight of Emerald makes my blood rushed upward. I eyed Daniel whose looking all guilty at me.

"What have you both done?" I said to them while I put my hands in my hips.

"She grab chocolate and she get dirty by eating it!" He said and giving me a sloppy smile.

"I swear I won't let you take care of our baby anymore. The last time you both did this too!" I said to them but Emerald just looking at me with a heat warming smile. This girl is such a cheater. She really knows how to soften my heart.

"Don't give me that look Emerald! And you as the father. Why do you give her chocolate? You know she will look like this if she eat it. !"

"Babe... I can't help it! She almost cried when I told her no! You know I can't take it when I saw her cry!"

"Your such a soft daddy to your daughter. If she's going to grow spoiled. It's all your fault Daniel!" I said to him.

"Come on Em! She's not spoiled. She just being love by both of us. How can you say no to this beautiful little girl???" He said while caressing her cheeks lovingly.

"Whatever, you will be in charge cleaning her since you both do this.!" And I can't miss how Daniel smiled as I said that. " Why are you all smiling Daniel? Did you remembered you are all wet and soaked when you took her bath this morning?"

"Heheheh.. yup! And I love every bit of it. Emerald is like a duck who loves to play in the water !" He said and I bursted a laugh.

"How could you compare your daughter to a duck?" I said playfully at him.

"She my beautiful duck. Hehehe.. she really loves being in the water Em. When she grow up. I will teach her how to swim!" He said and I can't but to smile.

Daniel is such a soft and loving father to our daughter. He's very caring to her and gives her everything she wanted. That's why I said she will grow spoiled in the future. Since he keeps buying things for her even she didn't need it.

In her playing room is full of toys and barbies. She's not even big enough to play it but Daniel keeps buying everything. He said when she's old enough to play this. I swear she's going to be happy since she have all the collection of barbies.

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