Chapter twenty three

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Daniel POV

A hand playfully smack my face and I heard a soft giggled on my side. Now that's definitely kind of different when I woke up everyday. I thought myself.

"Dadadadadadad!" My eyes now finally awake and I glanced at my side.

My heart melts to see the sight of my mother and daughter. Emily still soundly sleeping while Emerald obviously fully awake. She gives me her cute and bright smile that would make my heart melts.

Yeah she's only seven months old but she have me wrapped on her little fingers. I know she will grow as daddy's girl and will be forever be.

I sit down and carefully held her in my arms not wanting Em to wake up. Having them both at my side like this makes me feel like I am the luckiest man in the world.

Then I remembered what happened last night. Em and I got a little fight and I went to my house and had a few drinks. But I found myself getting tipsy bit by bit. I took my keys and leave my house then the rest is what happened last night.

I just hope she will not get mad at me. For hugging her and kissing her without her permission.

I gulped as I watched her lips moves sexily manner. She's having a dream I thought myself. Even when she's sleeping she's still beautiful and sexy.

I can't believe she didn't believed every words I said yesterday. She keeps saying that it's just a pity or I just wanted because we have a baby now. I don't understand what's the connection of it. Having a baby and my feelings. Because if she thought that I love her because we have a baby now then she's wrong.

I had been secretly in love of her long time ago. But just as my idiotic self I didn't have the courage to admit to myself.

I hated every time I heard someone that she's dating a guy, a guy which is not me. Why can't she find me handsome at all? And I just fall for me instead?

I keep the hate facades since that woman didn't consider nor see me as handsome or attractive guy at all. When we are in same function, gatherings or party. She will never throw a glanced on me which makes my heart in pain and I hurt her intentionally. Yeah I know it's such a dick mode. Sorry boys and girls whose reading this. Please don't hate my character.

"Dadadadad... !" Emerald called me out making me snapped back into reality from my deep thoughts.

"Come let's not make mama wake up ok?" I said to her and she let out a baby shrieked. Guess she have a long and beautiful sleep since she's all energy early in the morning.

We went to the kitchen and I prepared Emerald food. For how many months I been here I know and can make her food. I feed her slowly till she devoured all her baby food. After that we went to Emily's room to get a spare clothes and I decided to clean her by giving her morning bath.

I know she love water so much. As she saw the sight of water in the tub she jumped on my arms making me tightly hold her. I swear my little girl is a ball of sunshine. She have unlimited energy.

After her bath which makes me end up getting wet since she keep flashing the water on me. I quickly dressed her and I heard a gasped at my back.

"What are you both doing?' of course that's definitely the kind of voice I want to her each every morning. I don't mind I get soaked and wet by my baby everyday if I can hear her voice like that every morning.

"Morning babe!" I said giving her a handsome smile. I know she's taken aback of the way I greet her. Cause I saw her froze on her spot and frown looking at me.

"Are you still drunk Daniel?" She said as she carefully examine me and I shake my head in protest.

"Of course not!' I said to her.

"I swear sometimes you are so weird!" She said as she walked and went beside us. "what are you both doing early in the morning without me?" She said as she give emerald a side smile.

"Mamamamama!" Emerald called her mama. She scope her in her arms and she kissed her cheeks lovingly and affectionately. 

Just like that my world melted as the sight of both of them. Both of them are my world , my everything. I won't let any other man take them away from me. They are mine forever to love and to cherish.

Last night as I drive back here. I told myself to never hold back my feelings anymore and swore that I will make Emily fall for me. I will fight for her . I will pursue her to make see and realize that I am dead serious on her. That I want to be as her lover, boyfriend and hopefully be her husband on the future. And a good father to out baby girl.

"You smell so amazing!" She said as she nozzles her nose to her neck making our little girl giggled.

"Daniel I can now handle Emerald. And please change your clothes. I don't want you to get sick!" She said as she put her on the bed.

"Ok babe! I'll be back after a take my shower!" I said to her as send a wink on her. Then before I can finally exited on her rooms. I stopped and said to her.

"Don't cook breakfast ok? I will be the one cooking!" I said to her and she give me a confused look. She tilted her side ways making her look cute. How I wish I can kiss her senselessly.

"Your getting weirder each day Daniel!" She said and I smiled then exited her room but not after I give her a flying kisses.

"Love you babe!" I shouted as I went to the other room so I can take a bath and change my clothes.

I decided I will talk to her to give me a chance to show her that I love her and convince her that I am serious on what I said back there yesterday.

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