Chapter twenty six

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Emily POV

Oh my goodness!

I can't believe I am hearing this to Daniel. I bursted laughing but the truth is that I am feeling nervous. He's never been this serious before. Laughing is my sort of defense so he won't noticed my real reaction.

"Daniel stop joking ok? !" I said to him since I know what he said might just a joke. Daniel is not a type of person who will fall in love. He's been running and playing around with a lots of women in the past. So it's impossible of him to say such a thing.

"Look at me in the eyes then. So you will see, how serious I am right now! I love you since we were young. It's just you keep seeing other guys and see them much better than me which made me angry. So in return I hated you and always said such mean words to you!"

"Huh? Since we were young? How come I didn't noticed it?" I asked him clearly surprised of his revelation.

"Because I been hiding it. I don't want anybody to know about my feelings for you. I know it's such a lame moves I am sorry for that! But I really do love you so much that it hurts seeing you with other man yesterday. I don't want other man take you away from me. What happened between us which resulted of us having Emerald is a blessing in disguise!"

My eyes blinked few times and my throat dried for a second. I didn't know what to say or what to do.

"But......!' I leave my words hanging since I don't know what to say.

"Please give me a chance. I swear you won't regret giving me a chance. I can cook, clean and even everything for the both of you. I will both love you forever till my last breath!" He said and my heart swooned for a moment there.

"But isn't we taking it to fast? I mean we don't have to be.....!"

"Em, please I don't want anyone else. If you will say find someone else then my answer is no! I love you Em. Please give me a chance to show how I feel for you!" He said I can see from his eyes , the longing and wanting.

"Ok.. but can we take it slow?!"

"Huh? What do you mean by slow?" He asked me but his eyes now shown brighter.

"Like we do things like boyfriend and girlfriend do. "

"Oh like we go on a date?" He said with a sly smile.

"Yeah that!" I agreed to him.

"Yesss....!" He shouted out loud. And even made a happy dance. "Yes! Yes!" He eyes turn to me and he quickly he came next to me. " Can I hug you???" He said wearing a hopeful eyes.

I nodded my head and about to say "yes" to him. He quickly jumped in to me.

He wrapped his arms around me tightly and I can hear my heart pound so fast. He nozzles his nose to my neck bringing my heart beat two times more than it's usual.

"Thank you Em! I feel lucky now! Thank you for giving me a chance.!" He said to me and I can't help but to respond his acts. I wrapped my arms to him, embracing him, inhaling his manly scents. I wonder if he can hear the beating of my heart since we too close to each.

"Thank you.... Thank you... Thank you...!" He said. He pulled his face which makes our face level to each other. We both stared at each other for a moment then he brings his face to closer to mine. And I gulped nervously knowing what will happen next.

He close the distance between us. He kissed me with so much intense and passion. I can feel how he tried to reach my feelings but he doesn't have to since I know already that my heart belongs to him.

But for now I just don't want to say it now since it's too early. I want to test everything we have. I want to know if we can really work things between us.

I , too really wanted the same way as him. Though I don't really voice out what I want. But deep inside of me I know I love him.

Yes! The feeling is mutual! I first love him when I was in high school. My classmates always asked me about him but I didn't paid attention to them. I told them that we both are not closed which is true.

I don't know why , although both of our families are closed like we are real family. But both me and Daniel are so off with each other.

I know the feeling is mutual back then that he doesn't like me since I always saw him throwing daggers at my direction.

But if only he know that time I was too in love of him. I hated him but I also like him.

I hate him because he dated a lot of sexy girls in the campus. But he never paid attention to me. Even if I wear sexy one he never glanced at my direction not even once. From that moment I told myself not to bother anymore and just go on pretending that I hate him.

How ironic is that we are now each other embrace.

We slowly entangled our selves and we both panting after doing the passionate kisses. Yes! I know I am blushing as red as tomato right now. Since I can feel the hotness of my cheeks and it's burning like hell.

I feel the same teenager whose your crush is right in front of you. Then we heard a soft cry from upstairs. We both stared at each other knowing who it is. Of course that would be out only daughter.

Then we walked hand in hand as we went upstairs and went to Emerald side. He hold her and carry her while me looking at them.

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