Chapter twenty two

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Emily POV

What the hell? How can he say such thing to me? I mean we agreed on co parenting with our daughter but he can't just dictate me.

"No! Didn't I told you before that I want to work out our relationship as a couple!" He said to me making me almost choked from the food I eat. I cough hard as I gulped water from the glass.

"How can you say such a thing? And I told you before too that we didn't have to. I mean you didn't have to force yourself Daniel!" I said to him trying to calm the situation since it's getting out of hand now.

"What do you mean I didn't have to?" He shoot a looked on me.

"I mean, you don't to force yourself. You still have your freedom. !" I said to him and I swear Daniel eyes turns red.

"What are you talking woman? Forcing myself? I didn't force myself. I want to be with you!" He said and I rolled my eyes on him.

"Daniel if not because of Emerald, we wouldn't be here. We wouldn't talk each other this way. We hated each other guys and I swear if we didn't end up having one night together we wouldn't be here now. So stop pretending like its natural way!" I said to him truthfully.

"Yes I know but what I feel for you right now is real, it's not force like how you said it! I like you Em heck I even love you!" He said and I can't help but gape at him. I blinked few times to regained myself.

"Daniel can you imagine yourself being with me if not because of that incident? I don't think so. If you remembered that morning after that night you said something so hurtful to me. And now you want me to believe that you love me? Come on Daniel. You don't have to do this. I am willing to cooperate with you for our daughter! Just don't say something like that!" I said as I take a stand and walk out again. This time I went to my room. I want to rest since talking to him makes my energy drained.

As I walked inside the room. My daughter was still fast asleep. She really looks like her father. Her eyes, nose and those lips when they pouted. I just don't why he acted like that. He doesn't have to say something like that just to gain rights for our daughter. I always willing to cooperate in co parenting anyway.

I went between my sheets and snuggle to my pillow. My body feel recharge and relax. I didn't realize my eyes are now closed and now I am taking my trip to my Dreamland.

Then a loud banging of the door woke me up from my deep chamber. I silently cursed thinking it might woken up Emerald. Thankfully she's still sleeping like a doll.

I hurriedly went to the door, afraid that someone might go banging again and this time will make Emerald wakes up.

"Who is it?" I asked but the person on the door didn't respond, so I pipe on the hole to see who is it.

A loud gasped escape from me when I saw Daniel state. Clearly even from my view I can say his drunk.

I opened the door and he stared at me with a grinned.

"My Emy!" He said as he shot a unexpected hugged on me.

"What the???" I said as I startled and mostly I am taken aback of his actions.

"Emy.. I love you...!" He mumbled as he nozzles his nose to my neck. Bringing a chilled feeling to my whole body. I feel like my spirit just leave my body in an instant. A goosebumps just right on me. I gulped few times before I let myself give in , I pushed him a little so I can see him clearly.

"Your drunk! Come on stand up properly!" I said to him but he just slipped his arms on me giving me another nerve wracking hugged.

"I love you Em!" He said as he whispered it in my ears.

"Can you move Daniel? It's late at night! You need to rest!" I said to him. He shot me a playfully smirk and I immediately shrink in my position. Drunk Daniel definitely a different person compared to the sober one.

"Ok!" He said to me then staggered walking and I immediately help him I went to his side trying to give him balance.

""Sorry Em!" He said and I just shakes head till we get to his room. I mean in my guest room.

I help him lay on the bed but just in swift motion. I find my back landed on the soft mattress and I am under him. Daniel hovering me while staring at me intensively.

"What are you doing?" Thankfully I find my voice and can still talk back against him.

"What do you think?" He said giving me a playful and flirty smirk.

I blink up too many times as I saw how he deep down his head and began to kiss my neck, making me all shivered and got me frozen. But as he left a soft kiss in my neck I heard him snore which makes my eyes shot wide opened.

I carefully glance at him. His eyes are now closing and I can feel his body relax.

Urrgg I felt like I am being squeeze to death now since his all body pressed in mine. I slowly entangled myself to him but I heard him groan and mumbled few words.

"Don't go em!" He whispered

"I need to go! I need to go to my ro as sleep!" I answered him as I tried to pry off his arms that securely tangled in my body.

"No! Can you please sleep with me?"

"Can you please go back to please?!" I fired back.

"Please Em! I won't do anything!"


"Please???" His eyes are now colored red. "Please I just want to be with you!"

"Ok ok! Just get off of me cause you are so heavy I swear!" I said to him and be claimed off then laid beside me giving me a side hugged.

"Daniel can you keep your hands to yourself?" I said trying to protest.


"Daniel I need to get Emerald and put her here" I said and I saw him smiled. "Ok!"

I went out from the room and I saw Emerald sleeping form. Thankfully she's a heavy sleeper.

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