Chapter Fifteen

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Daniel POV

I hang up my phone and I smiled as I remembered my two girls. Yeah I still can't believe I already have my very own family. I even pinched myself this morning thinking maybe I am just dreamy. But no it's not!

After I woke up I went immediately to Uncle Xavier house since it's only besides our house. But only to be dismay. I just found out that my mother and daughter moved out from other house. I want to ask there address but sad to say uncle Xavier and Aunt Emma was not there since they helped Emily to move out.

So I exited from there house feeling defeated and deflated. As I don't have any other choice but to go to work. My mom said to me they will call me once they know Emily address.

So as of now my mom just called informing me about her address. I stood from seat and took out my jacket that hanging on my chair and about to go out but thinking that I should not go there without something to surprise my mother and daughter.

So I stood there thinking of what I should I do?

Let's see first I need to buy flowers for Emily. Then buy some stuff for my baby girl and groceries stocks since they just got move out. Maybe she's exhausted now and hungry. Yeah I should cook for her. As the saying says 'a way to man's heart is through his stomach' that can be apply in reverse too right?

I made my way to her house after I finished buying everything. I took the bouquet of flowers in my hands and my other free are some groceries stuff . I excitedly ring her doorbell and I almost dropped everything in my hands as she opened the door. Why? She's wearing small white shirt hugged perfectly on her body, it stops right above her navel. And short black short that revealed her tone , white and long legs. I gulped nervously as I mesmerize the sight of her.

So sexy

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So sexy ..!

I almost dropped all the things in my hands. Luckily I was able to recover soon.

"What are you doing here?" She asked me. The way her reaction I can truly say she's surprised of my presence here.

"Of course to visit both of you!" I said. I know she won't invite me inside willingly. Judging from the way how surprised she is, so I decided to step forward and make myself inside.

"What are you doing?" She glared at me. Obviously talking about me inviting myself into her house without her permission.

"I step inside since I assume you won't let me in if I waited you. Anyway this are for you!" I said as I give her the flower.

Thankfully she decided to accept it. She even smells the scent of it. I took the opportunity to appreciate her beauty. If I can just snap a few pictures of her looking like that.

"Thank you for the flowers they are beautiful!" She said

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"Thank you for the flowers they are beautiful!" She said. But my mind wanted to say ' your beautiful than the flowers' I just stopped myself not wanting to cut her off. She keeps blabbering something while me I staring at her like she's my own meal. Obviously, she's too oblivious of my reaction. Leave it to Emily and her naivety to men.

I catched up few of her words she said she wants to rest since she's tired of unpacking her things. She want to have her peaceful rest.

"Do you want me to massage you? You can go back to your room and I will follow after I place this in the kitchen!" I said as I invade again her kitchen and put all the things I bought in the cupboard and refrigerator.

"Daniel I am not in the mood for jokes. Can you just leave and give me some rest?" She said while her hands on her hips.

Fuck! Didn't she knows how sexy she is in that position?

Of course she's not!

"Daniel.... Can you go home? I really need to rest!" She said as she repeated.

"Emily this is my home! Both you and my daughter. You can take your rest. I will massage you after this!" I answered her while still putting some things.

I won't let her throw me outside. Never! I want to spend my time with them. Especially now she needs me since she's too tired.

Aftee I finished I went closer to Emily whose busy throwing daggers on me in her eyes.

"Come let me massage you. I promise I am good at it!" I said while winking at her.

I swear she transform into ripe tomato as soon the words left into my mouth. Wow! He's flushed image making her looks so cute. For a moment I want to kiss her blushing cheeks.

"Can you just please stop! I told you I don't want to work things between us!"

"Yeah you told me but I don't! I refuse. I am really serious Em. Please give me a chance. I promise we can work out just fine just like those couple. Please?" I said while I give her my puppy look eyes.

"It won't work on me Daniel. Please go home before I call a police" She threatened me.

"Nope! I told you this is my home! Where's our little girl sweetheart? Daddy's misses her" I said as I made my way to her room without knowing where it is .Thankfully my instincts told me right since I saw my daughter lying in her crib, making some weird sound.

I step forward in front of her and when she saw me she smiled. I stretch my hands and carry her gently into my arms. She smiled to me and I feel like I am in heaven.

"Look Em, she's awake!" I said to Emily whose looking the both of us.

"Yeah I can see that! Why can't you just leave Daniel!" She hissed obviously she's running out of patience for me.

I do care what she say but I just tried to ignore it. I won't settle down and go back home then what? Spending my day there all alone? Nah! Now that I have mother and daughter I will make sure that I will always spend my time with them.

"No I am home!" I said as I kissed my baby girl.

She huffed as she run her hands on her hair.

"Urrrrrgggg Daniel how can I make you understand that we can't work things out!" She said as she closed her eyes.

"I won't! I want to be with you and my daughter. Why can't you understand that! What will I do to prove it to you that I am serious!"

She furiously glared at me and said.

"No Daniel!" She said it once again breaking my heart all over again.

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