Chapter twenty seven

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Daniel POV

Three months later...

After that memorable day happened I can't separate myself from my beautiful girlfriend. Yes! My dad even complained because I keep having absent in work. Which normally not but I told him that I want to focus on convincing Em that I am truly serious in every way.

I want to make her feel that I love her so much and all want is her only.

So right now! I am debating myself which shirt should I wear since I am planning on proposing her.

Yes! Guys. After three months I felt like I can't be without them. Though Em did gave us a chance but she never want me to move in with them. I want to against it but I don't want her to take back what she said.

I picked up the most plain and simple yet it looks good on me. Also Em, was the one who bought it. She gave it to me on our two monthsary. Now we are going to celebrate our third monthsary so I want to surprise her and ask her to marry me.

I already told my whole family about this. They even advice me and Emman being idiot keeps on teasing me. How love can change everything.

"Hahahah.. what if Em realize that she no longer want an ugly face like you??" He said with a smirked on his lips.

"What ugly are you talking about? If I am ugly them maybe your ugly too. Since we both are twins. Idiot!" I fired back at him. My family even laughed at us. We are eating family lunch in our house.

All of the family members are presents including the in-laws of course. Natalie whose sitting beside Emman smacked him on his back.

"Your so idiot honey!" She laughed as she try not to burst on laugher. Actually Nat is pregnant on there second child. Hahahah.. yeah my brother is fast like my sister.

"Yeah... The idiot whose in love of you!" Emman said as he picked a kissed on his wife lips.

"Ewwww!" I playfully gagged

"Ewwww? How about I call Em. And I will say that!" Emman playfully teased me again.

"Stop it you both! You still like a child. I guess mom and dad are now happy! " Arabella said wearing her sweet smile that we both Emman adore since we are young.

"Yeah .. and I am happy that you three found the person whom you will spend your life with. I am so happy that my babies are no longer a baby anymore!" We all groaned as she said the word baby. But when we saw tears on her eyes. We looked at her worrily.

"Mom... Stop crying please!" Arabella said as she gets up.

"Honey it's ok that they are all grown up. If you want we still have baby, you know!" My dad playfully joke at my mom. We all winched at him. " What you think I can't produce anymore a baby?" He said to us.

"Daddddd... Stop it's gross!" Emman gagged playfully gagged.

" Dad stop joking like that! If ever there will be another baby addition that would be my second baby!" I proudly said to them.

And they all look at me.

"Oh no! Not that Em is already pregnant. But I am hoping!" I told them honestly.

"So your saying that she's not pregnant?"

"I don't know!" I told them. But have a sloppy grin in my face.

Yup! After that day she gave our relationship a chance. Two weeks later I got a chance to score. Hahahah.. oh please! Don't hate me guys. I know she said that we will take it slow. But I love her so damn much.

I pursued her till she gave in. Please don't put hate comments on me ok? I can assure you that I didn't force her. Promise!!!. 🤗🤗

It's just I want to be closer to her. I just feel the need of wanting her to feel how much she meant to me. How much I adore and love her from the very bottom of my heart.

Yeah! I know it's wrong of me to expect that she will get pregnant soon. What do you expect of me guys? I want to be a daddy again. This time I want to be there in her side when she give birth. I want to see them both while I am waiting outside. Yeah that feeling that I missed when she gave birth to our daughter.

Am I too confident that she pregnant?

Guys, I know and when we both did the deed I never wore any protection, she too! I asked her once and she said no. You don't know how happy I am that day guys. Feel my happiness ok?

"By the look of his face something is telling me!" Emman dias while he observe me.

"What?" I asked him innocently.

"My goodness Emman stop imagining things with your brother. Your so weird I swear!" Natalie said as she give him a disgusting face.

"Honey.. it's not ok? Sorry about that!"

"Hahahah.. your so whipped bro!" I commented looking both of them.

"Oneday Dan, you will! Because love made you do crazy things!" Ashton chimed at us. Finally I heard him utter a words.

"Oh really???" I said..

"Yeah... I bet Emily will make you go crazy. Especially when she's pregnant. I swear pregnant woman is scary! Please don't hate Nat!" Ashton said as he looks at natalie whose frowning at him.

"Crazy???" My sister arabella squeak at him.

"Oh no... Not that honey! I mean you have this different tantrums every now and then. Yeah yeah... Like that!" He said while trying to defend himself because if looks can kill. My sister is already killing him by they way she's staring at him.

"Crazy huh? And you even have the nerve to ask for another baby? So that's definitely a no!" She said and we all laughed since the look of ashton face looks so hilarious now.

"Honey sorry ok? I take it back!" He said but my sister keeps glaring at him.

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