Chapter two

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Daniel POV

Today is the day where I am going home. I already done packing few things, I been away from home from almost one month though but my mom seems to be overdramatic sometimes and I don't want her to cry. Or my dad will have my head.

I grab my bag and went down. I lived at the center of new york where my dad's head office located and it's fifteen drives to the office. Which is convenient and easy access that's why I choose it. Other than that, it's also one of our hotels.

I slid into my Lamborghini white hurucan driver seat put my bag in the backseat and drives myself to my parents house.

My parents house located two hours drives from mine

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My parents house located two hours drives from mine. According to my mom, she and dad used to live here but when she give birth to us. She decided to keep her children away from noisy and populated city.

My dad whose whipped agreed to my mom without any complaints at all. She decided to bought a house, a big one not so far from the city but has scenery of calm and natural. It's a modern house with beautiful garden. Just like my mom wishes.

As I come to pass a flower shop, I decided to give my mom a little surprised, though I know she doesn't need this since dad always shower her with flowers, foods and etc. Even they aged my dad still spoiled my mom rotten.

After purchasing a bouquet of flowers I resumes my drive and went straight to my parents house.

Not long, I reached my parents house. My mom is already there waiting for me, at the entrance door. She held her hand opened to me and I responded the same. I kissed her cheeks while I pulled from her.

"Honey you home!" She said and I can hear footsteps coming from inside the house. Then my dad appear right back at her and I smiled to meet him.

" Mom , Dad it's not like, I been away for so long!" I answered her.

"Funny is that! In span of three months you only got to visit me once, honey! So don't give me that answer. You should at least visit me every once a week!" She said and I can't help but to groaned. Mama is always like this.

"Mom I am so busy with work! You know that!" I said to her.

"Yeah yeah! But you are not so busy parading with those models out there!" My mom said with hissed and I can't help but to face palm myself.

"Mom I am not parading them. It's just date!" I said. I just wanted to cleared it to her.

"Date? As in date? Is it really only a date? Those sexy girls are your date? Don't tell you haven't gone far from date?" My mom raised her brows at annoyance at me.


"Sweetheart, that's ok! Daniel will settle down in no time, just like Emman so don't worry about him!" My dad said as he try to calm my mom.

"But Archer.... !!!" My mom whined at my dad. Then dad wink at me and signal me to get inside and he will handle my mom. I smiled greatful at him.

"Thanks Dad!" I mumbled enough he can hear me.

I walked to the living room. My mom did some renovation from time to time. She said she wanted her grandchildren to love the house. But if you asked me, everything she do worth to love. But I just leave her since she loves and happy what she's doing.

I went straight to my usual room. It's still the same but my mom did some renovation too. Leave it to my mom.

I walked around and as I saw the backyard where our swimming pool was located. I saw my sister, sister in-law and the woman who loves to fuel my blood. It's Emily, wearing too sexy bikini, it's not that I complaining but can't she respect herself a little bit more?

Reaching to the backyard where the girls are playing. I narrowed my eyes as I saw Emily drinking an alcohol in a broad daylight.

"You really act like a bitch!" I hissed at her and she turns her head to me.

She was shocked but after awhile she recovers and throws me a smirked.

"Ohhhh and looks whose talking? Me bitch? I think I am more innocent than your dates man whore!" She said as she swig down the alcohol in her hand.

"Put that down! It's a broad daylight and your drinking alcohol?" I said as I tried to snatch the liquor from her.

"Why? I didn't give Natalie and Arabella a bit of this! It's on me!" She said as she stand up trying get away from me.

When I was about to reach her again, I heard my mom voice from behind.

"Dan, I thought I already told you about this?" My mom said at the back of me. I took a quick glance at her then narrowed my eyes to the woman in front of me.

"Ahh ahh... Auntie Belle, he's bullying me again!" My eyes blazing with fire when I glared at her. But the stupid woman just pretended she didn't see anything.

"Auntie Belle your son soo mean to me!" She said while she went beside my mom. My mom throw a big glare at me makes me shut up my mouth.

Out the corner of my eyes, I saw the infuriating woman have the nerve to stick her tongue on me without being notice by mom. I can't even do anything about since my mom been eyeing my moves.

" Don't worry sweetheart! Tell me if he bully you again ok? I won't hesitate to smack some senses on him!" My m told her while giving her a hugged.

That woman doesn't deserve my mom hugged at all. If there such thing deserve, it should be me not her. I scowled as I took a sit in the bench near the pool.

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