Chapter twenty five

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Daniel POV

I stared at Emily whose now busy eating her breakfast. While I played our daughter. And at the same time I eat my breakfast too.

I can't help but to keep staring at her. Since she's not like those other girls or those women I dated in the past. Mostly of them would never eat pancakes, bacons and chocolate to avoid gaining weight. But Emily she's a model but she loves to her food.

"Stop staring Daniel! !" She said to me.

"I can't help it. I swear most girls won't eat like you do since you are a model. I expect that you are too!"

"Nah... Every woman have different opinions and choices. Me? I want to enjoy the food as best I can. I can go exercise anyway. My mom will get mad if I go picky on foods. She said food are blessing not everyone have the luxury to eat this kind of food we have so be grateful and don't waste it!"

"Wow! Aunt Emma surely knows how to say such good words!" I told her.

"Yup! My mom has been all my herself and my Aunt Lisa. She said she her own her own since our grandparents died. My mom is such a strong person! I don't even wonder why my dad lives her so much and even spoiled her till now!" She said as giggled talking about her parents.

"Yeah our fathers are all crazy. They both go crazy when it comes to there wives.!" I said and I can't help but to think of Emily as my wife. Makes my heart beat so fast.

"Hahahaha... yeah! Uncle archer is super crazy too. The way he treated Aunt Belle is like how my dad treated my mom! The coincidence is that both our parents are all best friends!" She said and smiled. 

"Yeah! Em by the way can I talk to you after I clean and tuck Emerald to sleep! I think she's sleepy now!" Just right on cue our little girl let out a small and cute yawn.

"Yeah sure!" She said and smiled at her as I grab and carry Emerald in my arms.

Emerald must really want to sleep since she didn't go all hype when she saw the sight of water. But she still take her bath. After that I changed her and put her to sleep. When she's finally soundly sleeping I put her on her crib.

At night Emily put her beside her and day time she sleep in her crib.

"Sweet dreams little girl! Daddy loves you so much!" I said as I kissed her cheeks.

I exited the room but didn't close it. I went to downstairs and I saw Emily sitting in the sofa with a bag of cheetos on her hands. Wow! She's really unusual type of girl.

"So? Are you not going to work Dan" she said me when I settle in the single seat across her.

"Nope! I am going to take my long week leave from work. I already asked permission from my dad and he said that it's ok! I want to have time both of you. !" I said to her making her eyes brows up.

"Why? You don't have to take leave on your work just to be with us. You never failed your duty as a father even how busy you are, you still have time for our daughter. And look how she loves and adore you!" She said and I can't help but to smile.

What she said is true. Emerald adore me so much since she knows that I will give and do everything she wanted or asked.

"Yeah she's daddy's little girl!" I said.

"Yeah.. Daddy's spoiled little girl!" She snapped back at me and I laughed.

"Come on Em. She's the only daughter I have. I want to give her everything she wants!"

"But not everything Daniel. She will grow spoiled!" She said.

"As if she's not spoiled on Xavier and your parents and my parents!" I said to her.

"Yeah don't remind me! My brother even asked me if he can borrow Emerald for a day. He will be the one to take care of her!" She said and laugh.

Xavier Jr.must love her little niece since she's the only baby in the family. Emerald will surely grow spoiled by the people surround her.

"What did you answer him?" I asked her.

"I told him no! And I said go and find someone to have a baby with and get married already!" She huffed and I smiled. Since she's bringing the word marriage then I can finally ask her about this.

"How about us? What do you want to happen between the two of us?" I asked her. I am now all nervous and all sweat. I just wish her answer will be good one.

"I don't know! I think we both did well doing co parenting Dan! " She said to me not looking or staring at me.

" But I want more than that Em! Can we at least try?" I asked her.

"Why? " She asked me giving me a confused look.

"Because I want to. I like you or heck I even love you!" I answered her.

"Daniel if your doing this because of our daughter. Please don't! I known you for a very long time. I know you don't want to settle down. If you feel obligated to give Emerald a whole family. Please don't! I think she's happy seeing both of us working out this way!"

"No! I don't feel obligated at all. What I feel for you is real. Please believe me. Honestly I been loving you for a long time. Though I keep saying I hated you but the truth is that. I am not! I am just too prideful before to admit my feelings for you! But I swear to you what I felt is real and true. And it's not all about Emerald. It's about me loving you!'

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