Chapter 2

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You had closed the door as quickly as you opened it, knowing that the Gresham's liked their privacy and you didn't want anyone to be peering in on your conversation.

"Ah, (Y/n). Good afternoon."

You bowed politely. "Good afternoon, Sir Gresham. I hope I didn't take too long."

"You're right on time. Listen, we have a special request for you."

You rose from your bow with furrowed eyebrows. Every request that they gave to you was special in your eyes so what would be so different about this one?

"You see, my son and I were overseeing patrol this morning with the guardsmen and ran into a bit of an... issue. Tell me, (Y/n), how much do you know about nether creatures?"

"Nether?" You mumbled, shaking your head lightly. What could they find that would be associated with the nether? The nether portal was located in the capital, which was about 3 days worth of travel.

You cleared your throat before you spoke up. "I'm afraid I don't know much, sir, only a little from the books in the library."

Sir Gresham nodded in acknowledgment, taking a seat and leaning back in his office chair. "You see, we came across a nether creature on our patrol. It seems like they are a hybrid of some kind."

Interesting. Not only was there someone from the nether found within your borders but they are also a hybrid. There hasn't been much research on hybrids, mainly because they were fairly rare and those that did live were either hunted down or used in experimentation.

"I decided to take the hybrid back here in hopes of saving it from hunters but I can't trust anyone here to take care of it. Well, except for you."

"You want me to take care of them?"

"Yes, only until we see fit."

You nodded, taking into consideration the implications that can come with taking care of someone from the nether. First of all, their home environment is drastically different from the overworld. Then you have to add on the question of whether you can even communicate with them. Most of the people in the nether have their own language and it's not commonly studied in the overworld. Lastly, you have no clue about their dietary restrictions or natural way of life. Sure, you have read some books about the nether but it was always written in the traveler's point of view, and most of the time they wouldn't even interact with the people of the nether unless their goal was to kill them.

"I'll do it," You asserted, swallowing back your doubts. It wasn't like you had a choice anyway, you were the only housekeeper that they trusted.

"Great. My son is with the hybrid in his office, you can go pick it up there."

"Yes, sir." You bowed again before you left, swiftly making way to his son's office. It was a bit weird that they weren't in Sir Gresham's office considering that he called you there, but you didn't feel like losing your tongue by questioning them. That wasn't part of your job.

The further that you traveled down the long hallway, the busier it got and more whispers began to form. People were trying to stay quiet but it failed with so many people trying to spread rumors at once.

You tried your best to shake off their stares as you lightly knocked on young Gresham's door before letting yourself in. Once again, you made sure to close the door behind you swiftly. It wouldn't be too surprising if you found people scrambling away from the door once you opened it to leave.

Sighing briefly, you once again bowed in young Gresham's presence before opening your eyes. Instantly, your eyes traveled to the young piglin hybrid that huddled in the corner of the room. The piglin adorned long pink hair that was messily braided, a simple red dress that fell to her knees with a black collar, and a pair of tights beneath it. Her eyes were wide as she stared at you, her poor body shaking.

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