Chapter 24

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Although you were confident in your plan, the moment you walked into the large meeting room, you froze. All of the eyes that were pinned to you nailed your feet into the ground. Your chest constricted at the sight of everyone sitting around a long rectangular table. There had to be at least 30 people, from wither skeletons to pigmen to blazes. Their stares were more like glares, intimidating and cold.

The plan completely slipped your mind from the overwhelming surroundings, causing you to shrink backward in an attempt to escape the situation. Unfortunately, you were stopped before you could get very far. A large hand rested on your back, pushing you gently forward into the room. You stumbled over your feet but quickly regained your balance, walking to wherever Technoblade was leading you. He stopped by the front of the table and motioned for you to take the seat perpendicular to him. You obliged, sitting in the chair quietly.

Thankfully, the attention was pulled from you when Technoblade cleared his throat. "Well, let's begin."

Your gaze focused on the hybrid, drifting towards the familiar skull on top of his head. Technoblade made sure to put it on before entering the room, as well as adjusting his royal robe and patting down his clothes.

"On August 20 an attack was made on the Nether fortress. An arrow was shot through the right ballroom window, causing an uproar amongst those who were celebrating. Immediately following the attack, a multitude of guards were sent to search within a 20 chunk radius of the fortress but no evidence was found. We are here to discuss what needs to be done to prevent an attack like this from happening again."

With that, the hybrid sat down, leaning into the back of his chair. Despite the energy that coursed through the room, the only sounds that were made were the clicking of pens and the shuffling of paper. No one was brave enough to voice their opinions... at least not with you in the room. You sat twiddling your thumbs, anxiously waiting for the inevitable debate to commence.

"With all due respect, Blood God," A raspy voice interjected the silence from the other corner of the room, "I believe we've already talked this through. The human needs to leave."

Your eyes narrowed, glancing over towards Technoblade. Blood God?

"State your reasoning," Technoblade responded.

The pigman with a raspy voice scrunched his face into an incredulous look like the answer was obvious. "Having the human 'rescue' Tyche was just a ploy. The human is infiltrating the fortress and reporting back to the overworld so that they can overtake the Nether."

Right after they finished, another Elder joined in, "People of the overworld are notorious for not accepting the people of the Nether so we have to assume that this human is no different from the others. It's too risky to believe otherwise."

"Bu-" You tried to pop into the conversation but were quickly interrupted.

"They pretended to act like a savior by creating a relationship with Tyche and then faking an escape to return her to the Nether."

"On top of that, the people from the overworld faked an attack on the human to give off the impression that they were still hunting them. It was also used to cause chaos in the fortress and weaken our forces."

You shook your head at that statement. If someone were to attack a base, wouldn't their forces be strengthened to combat the attack? You once again tried to join in but were cut off for a second time.

"This fake assassination is just a precursor to a larger battle. By exiling the human, we would decrease the chances of our intel reaching the overworld."

"While it might mean the people of the overworld would be upset from the human's failure, if we were ever attacked, they still wouldn't know our military plans."

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