Chapter 25

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After the rush of emotions wore off, you could feel your mental exhaustion kick in. By the time you met with Dream and settled into your room, you passed out on the bed until dinner. At dinner Tyche was more enthusiastic than normal, gushing about all that she wanted to do in the upcoming week. While it made you happy, you also felt a bit guilty. Did she know that you might have been kicked out today? Did she know that you argued for your life? You didn't want her to worry about that.

In the back of your mind, you worried about what it would be like when the war started. It was selfish to get so close to Tyche and then disappear... you needed to stop thinking about it.

After dinner you headed straight to your room, ready to take a nice shower before reading yourself back to sleep. Dream made jokes as he escorted you there, seemingly back to normal after last night.

Despite the long nap you took earlier, it only took you about an hour to fall back to sleep. No nightmares followed you that night, only a quiet, peaceful dream of your parents.

The next day you were woken up by your green friend, who didn't provide much information except "Get ready. Dress like you're running a mile."

So you did, dressing into a more athletic outfit as your mind raced about what you were going to be doing this morning. You were starting to doubt if yesterday even happened or not. Maybe the Elders really decided that you didn't deserve to stay here and they were going to run you out today. Or maybe they're testing your strength to determine whether or not they should actually keep you here. You hope not because it's been a while since you trained. Several years, in fact. The last time you remember doing any physical training was when your dad taught you basic defense moves.

After changing and a bit of procrastination, you emerged from your room with a nervous smile.

Dream stifled a laugh when he looked at you, bringing his hand up to cover his mouth (although there was no point to that since he was already wearing a mask). "Why do you look so terrified?"

Your expression turned into one of annoyance, glaring at Dream. "Why do you think? You made me think something was wrong!"

Dream shook his head, still giggling under his mask. "You need to stop being so anxious. We're not here to kill you or anything."

"I know that," You defended, "But that doesn't mean there are others who aren't."

Dream shut up at that, his hand dropping from his mask. "That's why we're going to start training today. Techno suggested starting yesterday but someone was too busy sleeping the whole time."

You shot him another annoyed look. "You weren't  the one that had to argue for their life yesterday."

Dream chuckled, "Not going to have much of one of you can't defend yourself."

You gasped at his statement. "I can defend myself just fine, thank you."

"We'll see about that," He sang, starting to walk down the hall.

You followed him, grumbling small insults under your breath.


Tyche let out another exaggerated sigh, staring at the boring ceiling in disappointment. Once again she was told she couldn't join her uncles as they explored the Nether. She understood that her dad is afraid of letting her go after the last incident (even if he doesn't admit it out loud), but she couldn't help but be disappointed as she was stuck inside, staring at the dark red ceiling.


"Yes?" Technoblade responded, looking at Tyche from his desk. She was laying across the armchair, her legs dangling over the armrest.

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