Chapter 18

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A week had passed since you were given a permanent room in the nether fortress. It was mostly uneventful but you were having fun experiencing what it was like to live in the Nether.

It was hot (that was a given) but as the week progressed you felt like your heat  tolerance was slowly getting better. The dark nether brick walls were a sharp contrast to the bright ones back in the Gresham's. It was sort of nice, giving more of a cozy feel to the room but it also made the atmosphere dark and almost gloomy.

The inability to tell time only added to the gloominess. It wasn't like the nether had a sun, the only forms of light being fire or lava (aside from the torches and lanterns). The nether had a ceiling of nether rack rather than a large, expensive blue sky. Sometimes the glowstone hanging from the ceiling would emulate a starry night but it wasn't really the same. The glowstone always glowed, no matter how much time passed.

Thank god one of the first things Dream gave you was a clock. You had no problem telling day or night while in the medical wing since you had a routine schedule. Now that you were out of there, however, the hand-held clock was handy. While you didn't have to live as you used to in the overworld, most of the people in the Nether worked off the clocks too. It was helpful in knowing how much time had passed, making sure you would have enough rest before you woke up the next morning.

Besides Tyche and occasionally BadBoyHalo, Dream was the only one you've talked to since you moved into a permanent room. He was assigned to lead you to your room and give you a tour of the fortress. Taking that as an opportunity, he was able to introduce himself. Since then, you two have had a few nice chats, most of them being about Tyche. Apparently, she talked about you a lot. Dream swore that he's only heard good things about you (which you dearly hope is true). If Tyche did mention something she didn't like about you, you doubt that Dream would tell you about it.

Dream was very secretive and liked to tease a lot, you concluded that during your first real conversation with him. It was the day after you got a new room and was cleared by Bad to tour the fortress. Tyche was not very happy when she heard that she would have to spend even more time without seeing you. Dream laughed about it next to you as he casually strolled along a long, dark hallway. He said he wasn't sure why Tyche was so clingy to you.

"We've been through a lot with each other," You defended without thinking. After the words came out of your mouth, you bit your lip harshly. Dream meant it as a joke but you subconsciously started to justify Tyche's feelings.

"A lot in three weeks, huh?" Dream asked, his smiling mask staring right at you. You were sure he was wearing a teasing smirk under it.

You rolled your eyes at him. "Well, when you almost die several times together, I guess it makes a special bond," You said in the same teasing manner, although your retort wasn't really a joke.

The atmosphere between the two of you seemed to change instantaneously. Dream's shoulders dropped as he faced forward, leaving you to look at the side of his green hood. Your smile disappeared as you wrung your hands, facing forward like the man beside you.

"This is the library," Dream said, his voice more monotone than before. He pushed open a pair of doors, revealing a large, expansive room with bookshelves lining the walls.

You nodded, making a mental note to come back later. Maybe you could find books here like the one your father had given you years ago. It also just seemed like a fun thing to do while passing time. After you looked into the room, Dream closed the doors, continuing along the hallway to your next destination.

The silence felt deafening. The only thing that you could hear was both of your footsteps as you walked along the dark brick. No one else was in the hallway, making the fortress seem abandoned.

Dream must have had enough of the silence because he quickly interrupted it. "Tyche doesn't talk about it much," He sighed, his hands that were swinging along his side now placed in his hoodie pocket, "We don't want to hurt her so we don't ask about it."

You hummed. Although Dream was vague, you knew that he was referencing what you were saying before. It wasn't surprising to hear that Tyche didn't tell them what happened because she rarely even mentioned it with you now. She seemingly wanted to move on, even if the underlying fear of it happening again lingers.

"That's understandable. I can't imagine being her age and going through that."

Dream stayed quiet for a few more seconds before halting in the middle of the hallway. You stopped along with him, curiously looking at his eerie mask.

"...Are you sure you didn't recognize Tyche when you first saw her?"

"No?" You answered, eyebrows furrowing as you took in Dream's stiff posture.

"You had no clue who Technoblade was?"

Your head tilted slightly, eyes narrowing further. "What do you mean? Is there something I'm missing here?"

Dream's shoulders shook slightly. "Oh, no, not at all." His voice returned to his normal teasing tone, your confused expression making him amused.

"Dream!" You called out, making him start to walk again. "Are you not telling me something?"

"You don't need to worry about it, (Y/n)," Dream sang, his hands retreating from his hoodie pocket. One of them now held a dagger, which he casually tossed as you both continued walking. "You'll see eventually."


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