Chapter 26

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With every passing day, your body and mind grew more and more worn out. Your schedule felt relentless, having to wake up early to train with Dream then going straight to mandatory meetings after cleaning up, then having "required" Tyche time. You barely had any time for yourself and it was starting to take a toll on you. Your mood worsened to the point that Dream started to notice.

Having Dream be with you almost all day every day, escorting you everywhere around the fortress, was starting to get under your skin. It was such a simple and small task but it made you feel like a prisoner and with all the built-up stress and emotions, it amplified that feeling. Dream stopped trying to make small talk with you after a few tries, taking note that you weren't responding and didn't even seem interested in what he was saying. It was childish to be so angry at something so minuscule, you knew that but you couldn't help the emotions that stirred inside you.

At the end of the week, you decided to try and channel your energy into reading, taking a little time out of your day to browse around the small library and read until your mind felt numb. After a few times, Dream began to leave you on your own in the library, giving you the chance to finally breathe and think without being watched. It was thrilling having the sense of freedom again... but it didn't last long.

"Isn't Dream supposed to be with you?"

You clutched the book between your hands tightly, trying to restrain yourself from snapping but ended up responding with, "What? Are you afraid I'll steal something?"

Your tone made the hybrid pause, furrowing his brows as he shot you a questioning look.

Instantly, you felt regret begging to pool in your stomach. The corners of your mouth twisted in distaste at yourself as you buried your face back into the book you were holding. Technoblade didn't reply to you, simply grabbing his own book and taking a seat on the couch across the small room.

Even as a few seconds passed, you couldn't focus on your book anymore. Your eyes kept drifting over the pages before locking onto the hybrid who sat comfortably across from you, his animal skull placed gently on the end table next to him.

Eventually, you pushed back your pride and tried to apologize. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have snapped at you."

Technoblade's head rose from his book, locking eyes onto you. He shrugged, "It's okay."

You weren't sure whether to be relieved or disappointed by his short answer but you took it anyway. He's usually short and sweet with his responses anyway.

After a few more moments of struggling to concentrate on your book, you finally decided to get up and look for a new one, determining that you were just bored with the one you were reading. You gently placed the one you were reading back on the shelf before searching for a new one.

Your eyes carelessly scanned the shelves before stopping on a familiar spine. A small smile formed on your face as you tugged it out of the cramped space, eyes flickering over the cover.

"I recommend that one. It's one of my favorites."

"Really?" You mused, peeking at the hybrid who was staring at you. "It was one of my dad's too. Although, I'm sure he didn't want to use it."

Technoblade took note of your last comment but didn't verbally acknowledge it. He doubted you would say much else, you were pretty quiet about your family. Instead, he asked, "Have you read it?"

"No, I've never had the time. Plus, if my dad ever tried to read this to me as a bedtime story, my mom would kill him."

Technoblade chuckled lightly, watching as you took a seat back in your chair, the new book being cradled in your hands.

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