Chapter 3

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*Reminder: Anything said in "bold" is being spoken in Piglin


Not that one.


While the cookies were baking in the furnace, you were busy scouring the deepest part of the library. They were old and decrepit, pages almost falling apart under your fingertips. That was fine though, you were only here for one thing.

"Aha!" You couldn't help but celebrate, picking up the thick red leather book. It had no title, nothing to distinguish it, but you knew exactly what it was.

You see, while knowledge about the nether was very limited and mostly written in the biased eyes of a traveler, there were a select few books that were extremely useful in learning about the Nether. They were very rare because not everyone can travel to the nether, not even the Gresham's. The nether was left to explore by the royal guard and family in hopes to keep the peace between the two worlds. Those of the nether were allowed to explore the overworld as well but the Royals can't control what happens to them, which is why not many nether people roam the overworld.

However, there are a few that can sneak by guards, gather information, and come back unscathed. Some write their experiences in journals and books then pass them around to those curious and brave enough to read them. Your dad just so happened to get his hands on one.

The authors of these were kept anonymous for fear of being caught and send to the capital. The books themselves were so scarce and only given to a select few because those who gave it or those who received it would be in great trouble if caught.

After your dad was able to get his hands on the book, he immediately stored it in the back corner of the library, knowing that no one goes that far back for any book. And if they were to be back this far, it meant they had a purpose and most likely were not going to read the book with no title or author.

You carefully swung open the book, smiling at the familiar sight of the yellow pages. You remember your dad reading you part of it when you were younger but he stopped because your mom said it was giving you "nightmares". Now, though, you're sure it wasn't because of that. If anyone heard the things your dad was teaching you, he'd be executed on the spot.

You flipped through the pages as fast as you could without tearing them, mentally crossing your fingers that you would find it. Almost a minute later, you came to a stop, hand traveling down the page in wonder.

Piglin speak

A grin spread across your face as you bit your lip to not let out any noise of excitement. This book was truly a treasure but never did you think that you would ever have to use it. You took the remaining time to study the book, trying to pronounce the words quietly under your breath and form sentences you would want to use.

Piglin was definitely difficult to speak, especially with only written pronunciations and a spotty explanation of the grammar. But it was the only thing you had and you would try to use it to the best of your ability.

After some time passed, you went back to the kitchen and retrieved the cookies before heading back towards your room. You walked a little faster as a small dose of adrenaline pumped through your body. Could you actually speak to the small piglin or was the book just a hoax?

Your excitement gradually turned into nerves as you got closer, fidgeting slightly as you stood in front of the door. Would what you say offend the young girl? It definitely wouldn't be your intention but you had just learned piglin. What if the pronunciation is so wrong it turns into something else?

Shaking your head firmly to get rid of your doubts, you opened the door to once again find the little girl sitting up in her bed, fiddling with her fingers. Her head sprung up at your presence, ears slightly turning towards you.

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