Chapter 23

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"You really thought you could escape, didn't you?"

Ice cold chills ran down your spine. You didn't even have to turn around to recognize who was speaking to you.

"How foolish," They mocked. You could practically see their smug expression. "Thought you were smarter than that... guess you'll have to pay now."

Tyche yanked on your arm, screaming and crying as she was being violently pulled away from you. You watched in shock, body frozen and throat tight. Tears were streaming down your face as you tried to yell but nothing would come out. You just stood there with an open mouth and wide teary eyes while Tyche was pulled from you.

One of the guards walked in front of you, raising a sword laced with some kind of black goo to your head. His arm was bandaged and his face looked vaguely familiar. You didn't have enough time to process his appearance before the sword swung back, causing your breath to get caught in your throat.

As the sword swung towards you, you closed your eyes, bracing yourself for the painful, life-ending strike.


Springing up from the bed, you woke up with a violent start. The sweat made your forehead uncomfortably sticky, causing you to unconsciously wipe it away. Although you were already overwhelmed by the current situation, you opened your eyes, thrusting yourself back into reality.

At first, everything was blurry, colors and shapes mixing with each other to form a weird blob of color. You heard shuffling as a hesitant hand settled on your shoulder. Even though the touch was gentle, you jumped away, head darting over to look at whoever touched you. The blur cleared as you blinked several times, the image of Dream becoming clearer. The weird blob of color representing Dream's face formed into a clearer image of his smiling white mask. His head was tilted, his hand hovering out towards you but not touching. His other hand held his midnight black axe but it was hanging limply at his side.

You were breathing heavily, chest rising and falling to the point you almost felt light-headed. Your hand was shaky as you brought it up to your face, rubbing the side of it with your hand. Clearly, you were crying, the tears falling from your eyes making your palm wet.

"Hey," Dream said with an airy voice, "What's wrong?"

"I-" You coughed, realizing your throat was sore and scratchy, "It was just a nightmare."

Dream hummed expectantly, leaning back to give you more space.

"I don't want to talk about it," You mumbled, your body curling into itself. It wasn't like you didn't trust Dream, you just didn't want to replay the terrifying moments over again. Talking about it would make it seem more real.

An image of Tyche suddenly popped back into your head, making you bite your tongue and shut your eyes momentarily. Then, a sudden thought hit you.

Where's Tyche?

Your eyes shot back open, running over the bed and the room. Although you knew she was no longer in bed with you, your hands ran over the sheets in false hope.

"Woah, calm down," Dream asserted, placing a firm hand on your shoulder, "If you're looking for Tyche, Techno took her to bed."

"What?" You babbled, even though you heard him clearly, "But I promised her I'd be there. I-I said I would stay with her."

"Tyche said it was okay. You were still there when she woke up, she was just moved to her room."

"Then.... why didn't you wake me up?"

"Techno thought you needed rest," Dream answered, "Especially with everything going on today."

You squint your eyes at him, "What do you mean?"

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