Chapter 31

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Tyche had her arms tightly crossed in front of her chest, a foot tapping the floor incessantly, and an unnoticeable frown on her face. She clearly wasn't happy, though she wasn't exactly unhappy either.

"Why can't I go?" She whined for the third time that morning, her head tilted to give her father a pouty look.

Techno didn't bother to look at her, already knowing that she'd be trying to convince him to go back on his decision. Instead, he busied himself with strapping his sword to his belt and removing the potions from the brewing stand.

"Knowing your track record, I'd say that'd be unwise."

Realizing he won't pay any mind to her, Tyche rolled her eyes, mumbling something under her breath. You couldn't hear what she said but from the whip of Techno's  head and warning glare, it's safe to assume he did.

Soon after, Techno turned back to you, handing over a new shiny pitch black blade. For a moment you just stared at it, eyes squinting at the object in front of you.

"It's for you," Techno said, a slight teasing tone in his voice.

"Oh," You stumbled over your words and clumsily took the sword from him, not used to the weight of it. "But I've never used one before."

"You've been training though, haven't you?" He questioned, but didn't leave much time for an answer. "Don't worry, it's just for emergencies. I don't expect you to use it."

With that, Techno turned back around and walked over to Dream, most likely telling him how to handle things while he's gone. You took a moment to inspect your blade, eyes skimming over the sharp edge that came to a point at the end. You didn't care to check its sharpness, trusting that Techno had already done that for you, and instead placed it in the empty scabbard around your waist. You also adjusted your bag to make sure it hung on the opposite side of your sword, that way you'd have easy access if you needed it... and it wouldn't make an annoying clicking noise every time you took a step.

"Are you really going to go without me?"

You looked next to you, finding that Tyche had made her way over to you to continue to complain about not being able to join you and Techno.

"Your dad did make a good point."

"I'm not the only one in danger here, am I?" Tyche squinted her eyes at you.

You let out an amused laugh. "I'm sorry, Tyche, but I think I'm more equipped to handle this right now."

"That's ageist."

"Do you even know what that means?"

"I'm 9, not 6."

You smiled at her answer, biting the inside of your cheek to keep yourself from giggling.

Tyche saw right through you. "(Y/n), I'm being serious."

You dropped your smile and bent down to her, instead holding a more serious but still gentle expression. "I am too, Tyche. It's not safe for you. Your dad is just trying to keep you safe, he's not trying to lock you in. Once everything blows over, I'm sure he'd let you explore again but until then, this is the safest for you."

Tyche stared at you for a few more seconds before retreating, figuring that arguing would only cause more problems. While she really didn't like the thought of being cooped up inside the fortress, she was excited to hear how your trip went when you and her dad came back. Plus, without her dad at home and with Dream in charge, she could get away with more mischief than normal.

"Okay, we're all packed."

Techno came back to stand next to you, leading you to the doors of the fortress.

"Safe travels, you two," Dream said, giving a firm nod to Techno. Techno responded with his own nod before turning around, giving you a small smile and he opened the door for you.


Cold, wet patches of water trailed down the old, decrepit stone walls, leaving evidence of the storm from the night before. The air was so stifling that people could be heard gasping for their breath. The moisture clung to the back of people's throats, constricting what little air people were provided in a place that had no contact with the outside except for the main gate. If it wasn't the humidity that bothered you, then surely it was the temperature. Despite the moisture, the air was freezing, making the cold sweat on people's bodies form ice crystals. People huddled against the bars locking them inside, pleading desperately to feel the relief of warmth on their skin given by the lonesome torches attached to the stone brick walls.

It was times like that that Phil felt grateful for his experience in the arctic. While the cold wasn't making him desperate enough to plead for his life, the chill was starting to numb his fingers and toes. The small drops of water that seeped between his feathers created tiny ice crystals, making his wings stiff and scratchy. The metal that coated his wrists stuck to his skin because of the frost, but he'd finally been able to move them freely about a week ago. The chain links that connected his wrists finally snapped under pressure.  For being called the most reliable prison in the area, a lot seemed to go over the guards heads.

Phil took a deep breath and closed his eyes, reminding himself why he was here. His first plan when he arrived was to break out as soon as he could to join you and Tyche in the Nether. but once he heard the rumours about the Greshams and the royal family, Phil decided that it would be best to stay and gain information.

"I knew we should have killed them when we could. Now innocent people are going to die at their hands."

"They're disgusting for using a person as bait to start a war."

"All they ever think about is starting fights. We should just exterminate them at this point."

"The poor Greshams. I heard that Young Gresham cried at the testimony. They must have meant a lot to him."

There had been a lot more talk about starting a war the past few days. It wasn't clear what exactly the Greshams had said but Phil guessed that it was about you. The Greshams are using you and your escape to the Nether to save Tyche as a way to start a war between the overworld and the underworld. If that were to happen, it would put you and Tyche both at risk. You would be forced to return to the Greshams and suffer their consequences. For Tyche and Techno... Phil didn't let himself think farther than that.

"It's okay. This will all be over in two weeks. The guard at the gate was preparing some of the prisoners to head to the Nether. Apparently, they've already set a date."

Phil's body froze in shock. Though he'd been expecting this outcome, nothing could prepare him to hear that his family's life is at risk. Looking down at the broken chainlinks again, Phil decided it was time to go.

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