Chapter 10

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The taste was overwhelmingly sweet, almost bringing tears to your eyes. As the thick liquid slowly traveled down your throat, however, it became unbelievably bitter. Your eyebrows creased at the sudden change, wanting nothing more than to spit it back out.

Phil's hearty laugh was clear even through your internal struggle, seemingly amused by your negative reaction. "Have you never had an invis potion before?" He asked, watching as you forced yourself to swallow the last drop.

You stuck out your tongue as if it'd make the taste evaporate. The motion caused Tyche to start giggling while hiccuping.

"Why is it so  bad?" You retorted. Phil could already tell with one look that you've never drunk a potion like this before.

"Well, if it works, that's all that matters," Phil shrugged. You stopped squinting your eyes from the effects and looked down at your hands. The tips of your fingers already disappeared to the first knuckle but you could still feel them when you clenched your hands.

Phil collected the empty bottles and placed them back into his bag. "Now," He stopped laughing, his voice becoming serious, "We need to keep contact at all times. If we don't, we risk losing each other and getting caught. We also need to keep track of the people around us. Even if we're invisible, that doesn't mean people can walk through us."

By now, your fingers were completely transparent. Phil quickly grasped Tyche's hand and then motioned for you to take her other one.

"We'll keep Tyche in the middle since she's the smallest and most likely to accidentally break off."

Tyche's small hand squeezed yours as she offered you a small smile. The invisibility potion was rapidly traveling, causing the top of her head and her ears to disappear.

"Once the potion takes full effect, we have about eight minutes to sneak inside and get to the Nether portal. When we get there we'll drink another potion so we'll be able to go in without trouble."

You nodded, trying to mentally note Phil's plan. It was a lot to take in but at least the walk to get there was able to wake you up enough to focus. While you all waited for the potion to take full effect, Tyche was swaying back and forth, dragging yours and Phil's hand with her. The action seemed completely harmless until she lost her balance, stumbling forward onto her knees. Your hand almost lost grip but you were able to save it last minute.

"Tyche!" Phil hissed, stumbling forward with Tyche to not lose her hand.

"Sorry!" Tyche squeaked, pulling herself back onto her hooves. Phil brushed off her apology, deciding to just warn her to be more careful.

One minute later, everyone was completely transparent. The only way you knew you weren't alone was the pressure and heat of Tyche's hand along with Phil's voice.

"Okay, it's time to go."


Sliding past the outside gate was surprisingly easy. The guards were too entranced by their competitive game of rock, paper, scissors to even notice you all sneaking past. How they were able to get a job in the royal guard you would never know. On one hand, it was beneficial to you at the moment but on the other hand, if those guards were paying attention there's a possibility this situation wouldn't have occurred in the first place.

You and Tyche followed behind Phil as he swerved around the crowds of people in the capital. There were several close calls as you tried to keep up with your group. You had to be agile and perceptive, dodging those who walked near. Several people turned their heads curiously, feeling the wisps of air or light skims against their skin as the three of you snuck past. Thankfully, the invisibility potions worked like a charm and their puzzled expression would disappear before continuing what they were doing.

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