Chapter 17

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This chapter is Technoblade's POV of the scene from the last chapter! So the dialogue will be the same (although I don't include all of it). This chapter gives a bit of insight on how Techno felt/what he was thinking during that time.


Technoblade tried his best, he really did but when he turned around and saw you flinch at the sight of him, he knew that there was no point. The hybrid wasn't used to trying to be friendly or welcoming so it was a new and uncomfortable experience. He wouldn't have even tried if it wasn't for Tyche threatening that she wouldn't talk to him for a week if he scared you away.

If it was up to him, he'd scare the answers out of you. He didn't exactly trust you. It didn't matter if Tyche trusted you or if you brought her home, you could still have an ulterior motive.

After Technoblade shut the door, he untensed his shoulders, eyes scanning over you. You looked uncomfortable, slowly moving to the furthest side of the bed. Your eyes were wide as you stared at him, hovering longer than necessary on the skull perched on his head. Maybe he should have taken it off beforehand but it was comforting to know you were at least a little intimidated by him. If you're intimidated that means you're less likely to act out. It also means it's more obvious when you lie.

"I would like to speak with you, (Y/n)."

Technoblade strode to the single chair positioned to the side of your bed, not even waiting for your response. He didn't care what you said anyway, you had no choice in this situation. Once his attention was back on you, he noticed you were still staring at him, your eyes trailing over his face. Technoblade was used to people staring at him but it felt weird for you to not immediately avert your gaze when you'd make eye contact.

"I'm sure you know why I'm here," Technoblade started, wanting to instill a bit of pressure, "Tell me everything, starting from the beginning."

You quickly started talking, fumbling with your words. "I-I used to work for the Greshams..."

The Greshams sounded familiar but it's been so long since the hybrid has been in the overworld that he couldn't seem to pinpoint the name. Probably just another rich family who believes they have power.

Technoblade listened closely to your retelling of events, taking mental notes here and there. Although you seemed nervous, the way you would zone out slightly every time you would recount a memory made him believe you were telling the truth.

"Tyche and I ran into the woods and we were caught by two guards. I, uh, we were able to get away."

You stopped to purse your lips.

Technoblade tensed, noticing your change in behavior. Clearly, you weren't telling the whole story there but he chose not to interrupt. So far you've been telling the truth so whatever caused your hesitation he could figure it out later. Plus, it proved to him that you were, indeed, a bad liar.

"After that we r-ran into Philza—"

Technoblade froze at the name. You and Tyche ran into Philza? But he told Tommy he hadn't seen Tyche. That means you must have run into him right after Tommy left.

Technoblade stayed quiet until you were done talking, your eyes wandering up to meet him. The hybrid narrowed his eyes at you, causing you to flinch. He took a few seconds to survey you, thinking of his plan from here. How you answer from here on out would determine that.

Technoblade let out a hum, sitting back comfortably in his chair.

"You met Philza."

He watched as you nodded in confirmation.

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