Chapter 16

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"I would like to speak with you, (Y/n)."

"Uh," You stuttered, your throat tightening, "Okay."

The large hybrid stride forward, taking a seat in the single chair in the corner. As he walked, you took note of the similarities between him and Tyche—pink bubblegum hair, the long ears, the piercing eyes. While there were some similarities, there were also plenty of differences. Tyche's eyes were a soft brown color rather than a deep red and her nose was small and button-like rather than sharp and straight. Her cheeks were pudgy while his were slim, bringing attention to his jaw.

"I'm sure you know why I'm here." You stiffly nodded. "Tell me everything, starting from the beginning."

"I-I used to work for the Greshams..."

You explained the events to the man slowly, trying to add as much detail as you could. A bit of it was blurry, conversations blending with one another into a jumbled, incoherent mess. The hybrid sat quietly as you explained the events. If his job was to look as emotionless yet intimidating as possible, then he deserved a promotion.

The conversation was weirdly similar to your conversation with Phil except you felt much safer with the crow hybrid than the pigman hybrid. It was hard to get through sentences without stuttering, especially with his unwavering gaze. While you were adding as much detail as possible, you left out some parts about attacking the guards sent out by the Greshams. Part of it was for your sake, your mind still not fully processing what happened that day. You felt like if you spent too much time dwelling on it then you'd cry just like you did in front of Phil.

The only part you skipped completely (besides your own mental breakdown) was when Tyche broke down. It wasn't this stranger's business and you doubt that it would help him with whatever information he was collecting anyway. That moment would stay safe between you and Tyche.

"After a while of running, I guess Tyche and I were caught by some of your guards. I d-don't really remember what happened other than waking up here."

The large man was silent for a few seconds, eyes narrowing on your form slightly. You held your breath, your heart feeling like it was going to jump out of your chest. Did this guy really only want to talk to you or was he here for another reason? Was his goal to get rid of you somehow? You didn't exactly belong here in the Nether.

When the man let out a hum and sat back in his chair, you flinched slightly, eyes darting back to his form.

"You met Philza."

You nodded, although you didn't know whether it was a question or a statement.

"And he distracted the royal guards so you and Tyche could go through the portal?"

Another nod.

"And your backup plan was for him to wait until it was safe to sneak through the portal again and then meet you and Tyche here?"


The hybrid let out a deep sigh, causing your heart to sink.

"H-Has he not shown up yet?" You asked, watching as the man ran his hand through his hair.

"No, he hasn't."

Your breath hitched in your throat, mouth hung open slightly as the hybrid in front of you clenched his jaw tightly. What happened to Phil? Was he okay? What would prevent him from going through the portal?

Your internal interrogation was thankfully cut short before it could escalate further.

"He'll show up. Philza always does."

It seemed like the man was trying to comfort you in his own weird way. His voice was still stern as he spoke, but his eyes were softer as he watched you freak out internally. Biting your tongue, you nodded at the man but you could still feel the nerves bubbling inside.

"You left your home to bring Tyche here... why?"

You sighed, thinking about how you chose to stick to your morals. Was it the right decision? Absolutely. Being able to see Tyche so happy and comfortable now that she was home was reward enough. But you can't deny that your decision put you in an uncomfortable situation. You were no longer safe like you were at the Greshams, instead, there were people probably out there searching for you, ready to bring you back dead or alive.

"She's just a little girl," You began, avoiding eye contact with the intimidating man, "I know that hybrids aren't exactly accepted in the overworld but it was so unfair for Tyche. Since I got to know her personally, I was able to see how amazing and bright she is. I couldn't let them do that to her, I'd think about it every day."

The man seemed to like your response because he leaned back in his chair slightly. "So, you decided to leave your family to take Tyche back home?"

"I don't have family but she does. Tyche has a family that loves her and she deserves to be with them. If that means I have to risk my life, so be it. At least I was able to bring a little girl back home."

The hybrid was quiet for a moment, processing what you just said. You thought it was pretty simple, your morals clashed with the Greshams and you had to make a quick decision. At that point, you were closer with a Tyche than anyone else. She was the only one who mattered to you.

Would your parents be proud of you? Of course they would. Even though they've been gone so long, you still remember the things they've taught you. Your dad was especially open about accepting everyone, which is part of the reason why he introduced you to the book about the Nether as a child. He didn't want you to be afraid of it like all the other kids were. He wanted you to be fascinated and respectful to the Nether and those who lived in it.

"You'll be residing in one of the rooms on the right wing," The man said, standing up from the chair, "You can try to go back to the overworld if you want to but I don't think that would be the best idea right now."

You sat frozen for a moment. "So, I'm allowed to stay here?"

The man nodded. "Yes. You helped bring Tyche back home, it's the least I can do."

You let out a breath and smiled slightly at the hybrid. Maybe he wasn't as bad as you thought. He looked pretty scary, though.

"Thank you... uh—"

"You can call meTechnoblade."

"Thank you, Technoblade."

Technoblade didn't respond, instead, he made his way to the door. Before he opened it, he looked back at you one more time. "Once Bad clears you, I'll send someone to show you to your room."


"BadBoyHalo, the doctor who's in charge of you."


You tried to swallow down the sudden surge of embarrassment. To not know the name of the doctor who you've seen for the past few days seemed ludicrous but you couldn't blame yourself. Asking for his name was not at the forefront of your mind and even if it was, it wasn't like he wore a name tag.

Technoblade left without another word, leaving you in silence. You took a few moments to calm yourself down, thankful that you were given a place to stay for the time being. Living in the Nether would take some time to get used to, but, for now, you could finally catch your breath.

Now, all you had to worry about was Phil.


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