Chapter 7

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By the time that you both stopped running, the air around you seemed to get colder and the ground below you hardened. It didn't affect you too much, embracing the cool air as you caught your breath. However, the cool air didn't seem to be as welcoming for Tyche. You could tell that she began shivering, starting to cup her hands over her mouth and blow warm air.

Your heart stung for a second at the sight but you didn't make any move to embrace her. Her clothes were already dirty enough so she didn't need to be enveloped by your bloody form. Tyche's body also ran at a higher temperature so if you tried to warm her up like that, it would only defeat the purpose.

"Let's find a dry place to stay the night."

Tyche's head perked up and nodded wordlessly. You couldn't even imagine how she was feeling, you were already struggling with the amount of running you both did. Your knees felt like they were going to give out any moment and your stomach started to rumble. The trees in front of you seemed to blur every few minutes, causing you to shake your head to get rid of the lightheadedness.

Tyche suddenly stopped beside you, catching your attention. You watched as she took time to evaluate her surroundings, her eyebrows pulling together.

"What's wrong?" You felt your heart begin to beat faster again, your palms becoming sweaty.

"Nothing, I just feel like I recognize this place."

You narrowed your eyes at her confession. Both of you were in the middle of the woods, how would she recognize where you were? Your throat began to constrict at the thought that crossed your mind. Maybe this was the way the soldiers took her to the mansion.


You let out a sharp gasp at the feeling of air suddenly blowing your clothes, stepping closer to Tyche. Vision blurring again, you closed your eyes tightly but managed to catch sight of a black figure dashing through the trees. Before you could take another step, a large gust of wind flew past you, restricting your view of Tyche. The grip on your stolen sword tightened but you weren't even given another second before another blade was pointed at your neck.

"Drop your weapon."

The menacing voice clouded your thoughts as your sword clattered onto the forest floor. While you were holding your breath, your brain was evaluating the situation, first taking in the man's appearance.

His face was partially covered by a green and white striped hat but you could clearly see his glowing bright blue eyes peeking from underneath. His glare sent a shiver down your spine. Blonde hair traveled from under his hat and was about chin-length. His mouth was in a deep frown and his eyes squinted slightly at your staring. Your gaze eventually trailed to the wings that were spread out behind him. They were large and had no problem separating you and Tyche.

You put your hands up as if to say you were surrendering.

"Wait, grandpa!" Tyche crawled underneath the man's wings, eyes blown wide. "Stop it!" She pleaded, standing up next to him.

The man's wing curled around her, once again blocking her from your view. Although his attention switched to Tyche, the blade pointed at your neck never moved.

"(Y/n) saved me!" Tyche cried. You could see the man's green tunic move as the little girl seemed to tug on it. The blonde man lowered his blade but gave you one last warning look before uncurling his wing.

Finally releasing the breath you were holding, you let yourself relax slightly, shoulders dropping. Tyche did as well but all of the stress and exhaustion took over, causing her to sink to the ground.

Her grandfather quickly slid his blade back into the holster on his side before he kneeled next to Tyche, placing the back of his hand on her forehead. Tyche was slumped over and her ears drooped, chest still rising and falling rapidly. The blonde man quickly pulled her into his arms and stood up before walking away.

You stood where you were, watching as the man and Tyche walked away from you. Your heart throbbed at the sight and your chest tightened but you bit your cheek as a way to distract yourself. This was always the plan: to take Tyche back to her family. Now that it happened, though, you couldn't help but feel a wave of loneliness wash over you. What was there to do now? It wasn't like you could go back to the Greshams and act like nothing happened.

"Are you coming?"

The man's voice interrupted your thoughts, bringing you back to reality.

"You're welcome to stay the night. Clearly, you both look like you've been through a lot."

He was right, you were ready to collapse right where you stood, ready to give in to your own exhaustion (both physical and mental). You nodded without a second thought, taking the kind man's gracious offer.

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