Chapter 12

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Your breath shook with every thump of your boot hitting the ground. It was eerily similar to the time you and Tyche were running into the forest except the terrain was drastically different. There were no leaves, no twigs, no trees, the ground was hard and brittle rather than soft and plushy. The Nether was bright, not enough to blind you, but enough to see far, far into the red horizon.

The only sense of time you had was the slow reappearance of you and Tyche as the invisibility potion wore off. You crossed your fingers that you were far enough for the guards not to spot the two of you. If they were close then they'd spot you two like a sore thumb.

Tyche ran ahead of you instead of behind you, using her recollection of the terrain to lead you both to her home. She kept a fast pace despite the exhaustion seeping out. Even though she stumbled, she regained her footing just as fast. When her breathing became labored. she'd take deep breaths to calm it down. The only thing she didn't change was the trembling of her hands. Her hand shook so much that the vibrations traveled from your interlocked hands to your arm.

Although it was worrying, you let Tyche keep going, just hoping you were close enough to her home that you could get there before your legs gave out. You could collapse once you were there and Tyche was safe.

The red terrain felt like it was never-ending and the inability to know how much time had passed was driving your mind crazy, only leading you to focus on how tired your limbs were becoming.

Only a cry was able to divert your attention. The cry sounded nothing like Tyche and it certainly didn't come from you. It was shrill and loud but you didn't have enough time to look for its owner before Tyche took a sharp turn, tucking the two of you into a small crevice in the nether wall. In a way, it was relieving, giving your body a break from the nonstop running. However, it was also unnerving, not knowing if a guard was near or if you were hiding from some lethal Nether being.

"What was that?" You whispered.

Tyche turned her head to look at you, mouth hung open in an attempt to catch her breath/ The pink hair that escaped her braid stuck to her face, forcing her to have to push it away from her eyes.

"It's a ghast," She answered through sharp breaths.

"Ghast?" Tyche nodded.

"We can't let it see us. I-If it does then it will start spitting fireballs."

You felt your mouth dry at her statement. You knew that Nether mobs would be different from those in the overworld but fireballs? Fireballs?

Taking another deep breath, you peered out of the hole in the wall, scanning your surroundings. A ginormous white blob floated in the air not that far away. Its expression was hard to see but the darkened tear streaks on its wrinkled face glistened. It was odd considering that every tear would simply evaporate once it was shed. When a familiar booming cry slipped from its mouth, you realized that was what you were hiding from. Quickly, you took another glance at your surroundings before dipping back into the crevice.

For a few seconds, you contemplated what to say, questioning if the plan you were going to propose was useful or not. It was useless, though, because you had no knowledge about the Nether besides basic rules (and a bit of piglin speak). The place you were thinking about running to was dark and foggy, looming in the distance. It sent shivers down your spins but it seemed like the only way to get away from the ghast.

"What if we went that way?" You pointed discreetly in the direction of the fog. Tyche peeped out briefly, returning with wide eyes and a pale face. Her head shook adamantly.

"I-It'd be easier to run from the ghast," She argued. Her voice was shaky, her bottom lip beginning to tremble.

The sight of her watery eyes made you freeze, your heart beginning to throb painfully. This was the first time you've seen Tyche cry and it reminded you just how young she was. This situation was terrifying for you, a grown adult, so you couldn't imagine what she felt. She was kidnapped from her home and almost given away. She had to run from guards for days, threatening to tear her away from her family again.

You didn't lose anything. Sure, you ran away from where you lived, but that was your choice, it was not forced. That place wasn't even your home, only a place where you lived comfortably, a place to sleep and eat. You didn't care deeply for anyone there, not even the Greshams.

Tyche covered her eyes with her small hands, soft sobs escaping from her mouth. She was trying her best to stay quiet, whether that be out of fear or shame. It was about time that she spilled her emotions. It was a ticking time bomb ever since she was taken. All it took to make it burst was another high-pressure and life-threatening situation.

"Tyche," You cooed, placing your hand on your head. You held your other arm out to the side of you, trying to motion that it was okay to embrace you if she wanted to. Tyche took your offer, falling into your arms with a noticeable cry. Your arms wrapped around her gently, keeping it loose enough that she could pull away if she wanted to.

The timing of her outburst wasn't ideal but you didn't care. Whether you were in a warm, safe home or a cold, dangerous cage, you'd comfort Tyche the same way. Your fingers carded through her loose pink hair as you hummed, trying to give Tyche something to focus on and remind her that she wasn't alone. When her legs started to give out, you slid down the Nether wall with Tyche in your arms, cradling her close. The opening you were tucked in was not large enough to stretch out so you kept your knees bent, Tyche leaning onto your chest. Her incoherent mumbling gradually became more understandable and once you were able to process it, your heart dropped.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

A sick feeling settled in your stomach, your eyes beginning to water as well. No. You bit your lip. You needed to keep strong for Tyche.

What is she sorry for? This situation is not her fault, none of this was her fault. This is all a result of cruel people that feel as though they're superior. It shouldn't have involved Tyche, an innocent little girl.

"It's okay, it's not your fault," You whispered, maintaining a soft yet strong voice despite the soreness developing in your throat, "It's okay to cry."

The statement must have hit a nerve because Tyche began to sob harder, her body shaking so much that you had trouble holding her. She still kept her voice quiet, knowing in the back of her mind that loud cries could put you two in a worse predicament.

With every broken sound, every tremble, every evaporated tear, your anger grew stronger. you didn't know where it was directed, whether it was towards the Greshams or the world, but it didn't matter. You'd get revenge.


This chapter was not meant to end up like this but it did lol.

Also, did you realize I started this chapter with the same sentence I started chapter 5? Haha, I wanted to add some EXTRA emphasis on the similarities and thought that was fun.

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