Chapter 6

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Warning // gore and blood

"There it is!"

The sudden announcement made your stomach drop, taking large steps in order to be closer to Tyche. Her exclamation must have alerted the guards that were sent to search for her. You knew the Greshams would send a search team but to have them be so close already made your heart leap out of your chest.

There was no running now. Even if you were to take off with Tyche, the guards might have bows. Then, if either of you got hit, it would only make escaping more complicated.

Tyche stepped closer to you as the footsteps neared, taking a hold of your shirt. The action caused you to take a sharp breath and stand in front of the small girl protectively. Once the guards were close enough, they took a few seconds to examine the situation. At least, it felt like a few seconds. It was almost like time was slowing.

"Take a step from the hybrid, that's property of the Greshams."

The guard's assertion made your blood boil.

"Don't you see what you're doing?" You pleaded, "You're helping to give away a little girl that was stolen from her family."

"That's not up to us."

"But you're participating in it, aren't you? Coming here to collect an innocent girl for another person's benefit.

This wasn't what you wanted to do but it was one of your only options. Fighting was not your strong suit, only knowing a bit of self-defense from when you were younger. You thought that maybe instilling guilt into the guards would possibly make them let you go free. Unfortunately, it seemed to do absolutely nothing.

"If you don't step away from the hybrid or hand it over, we'll have to intervene."

Realizing that your plan didn't work, you tightened your hold on your bag. It looked like the only way to get out of the situation was to fight. Your bag was weighed down by the thick book tucked in it and was one of the only weapons you had so you ran, swinging it as hard as you could at the guard that wasn't wearing a helmet.

The guard was taken aback by your strike but didn't lose consciousness as you hoped. Instead, he took a painful hold of your arm, making your hand release the bag. As you struggled against the guard, Tyche let out a scream. Your body stilled at the sound, giving the guard restraining you just enough time to unsheathe his sword and place it at your neck. He maneuvered you so that your back was placed against his chest and his sword was so close to your neck that it sliced it slightly.

At that moment, you were almost entranced by the sight in front of you, paying no mind to the blade placed menacingly at your neck. Tyche was thrashing as the guard pulled her harshly to follow him. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and falling off her chin, hitting the leaves beneath her.

The sight made your teeth clench and eyes water,

"This is what happens when you don't follow orders."

The whisper brought you back to reality. You could just imagine the smug look on his face as he taunted you. Your hand carefully slid down to your waistband, curling around the familiar handle you kept on you for only dire situations.

It's best to be prepared for anything.

With one swift movement, you pulled the dagger from your waistband, swinging up and plunging it into the soldier's exposed arm. The action caused the guard to let out a painful yelp and drop his sword. You fumbled for the sword for a second but once you got a good grip, you were back on your feet lunging at the guard that held Tyche.

By that point, he had already turned because of his partner's yelp but he didn't have enough time to unsheathe his own sword before you struck. You swung the blade with all of your weight causing it to slice through the skin of his arm. The cut was pretty deep and made him lose his grip on Tyche.

Tyche stumbled away from the man, watching you with wide eyes. The amount of force you put into your swing made you wobble, providing the guard just enough time to pull out his own sword.

You took a quick glance behind you, seeing the other guard still struggling with the dagger, hesitating to pull it out.


Tyche's scream alerted you just in time for you to jump away, narrowly dodging the sword that was swung at you. You took the guard's second of surprise to your advantage, taking another strike at his arm. You tried to ignore how deep the blade sunk into his skin but the sudden splatter of warm liquid led you to guess it went fairly deep. Despite that, the sword easily retracted, part of it dripping in the deep red liquid.

The man let out a guttural scream and fell to the floor, his hand shaking over his leaking arm. Even though you felt your throat constrict at the sight, you grabbed onto the bag you threw earlier, swinging it back over your neck, and kept a grip on the sword you snatched. You'd be damned if you left without a weapon after this event. Swiftly, you took a hold of Tyche's hand and continued running like before, except this time Tyche didn't seem to complain.


Um... so yeah that happened.

Fighting scenes are not my strong suit but I think this turned out pretty good. I tried to do something different than I normally do.

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