Chapter 13

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The tension in the fortress was undeniable, so thick that it wrapped around everyone's throats. One wrong move and it would only grow tighter.

Everyone knew the source of this tension but no one would dare appear in front of or question him, especially in a time like this. News of Tyche's appearance spread like wildfire in the Nether. It drew in pitiful stares and gifts of sorrow. Technoblade didn't want any of it.

Technoblade didn't need their pity or meaningless gifts, he needed Tyche. He needed her to be back home where she was safe.

Three days ago Tommy came back empty-handed. Phil didn't have a clue where the little girl was and Tommy didn't see anything suspicious while in the overworld. There was no information about where she was taken.

He was sure his daughter was taken. Technoblade had taught her enough about the Nether that it wouldn't make sense for her to be lost for so long unless someone was behind it. Every guard and warrior was on the hunt, patrolling the Nether nonstop in hopes of any clues. Many of Technoblade's old friends have visited, saying they'd look out for Tyche in the overworld. Heck, even his older brother who disappeared years ago visited just for Tyche.

Even with all of this help, Technoblade was still left with nothing. He was tired of it. So, so tired. Every day the voices got louder, every day it got harder to sleep. She was out there somewhere. It would be cruel of him to sleep in his warm, soft bed while Tyche could be out there cold and locked up because of him.

Yes, it was because of him that this happened. His title and his name are what brought this on. Some mindless, power-hungry being was laughing somewhere, a grin plastered on their face. The Blood God didn't have many weaknesses so to have one of them was extremely valuable. It didn't matter what it was, whether it was an inanimate object or a young, vulnerable girl, some people would give anything to defeat him.

Technoblade was heartbroken, absolutely defeated by the disappearance of Tyche but he couldn't show it. The Blood God had a reputation to uphold. He needed to be strong and make shivers travel up people's spines. This wasn't only to instill fear into others but also to keep himself from breaking down. Now was not the time. He had to turn his fear and sadness into anger and rage.

Find her.

Find her.

The voices chanted nonstop in his head. Sometimes it would be about Tyche but other times it would be about the kidnappers. The voices were brutal, offering no mercy to the perpetrators. They would cry and moan, leaving no time for Technoblade to think. It reminded him of when the voices first appeared. At the time he was unable to stop his bloodlust, unable to resist what they told him to do. After so many years he was able to gain control over them. He was finally able to resist them when he needed to. Now, it was getting increasingly more difficult to ignore the voices. He wanted just as much revenge as they did. The people who caused this needed to pay.


The voice caused Technoblade to avert his gaze from the map in front of him to the man who just entered. The hybrid tried not to let his surprise show. Usually, he was alert enough to know when his door opened or if anyone was in his presence. His senses were getting sloppy, clouded by his own thoughts. It was dangerous.

"What do you want?"

"I heard you're planning to go to the overworld."

Technoblade's eyes were piercing. "What about it? Are you here to stop me, Dream?"

The man tilted his head as he sighed, his dirty blonde hair falling over his white mask. "You know I have no ill will but you making an appearance in the overworld like this could cause a war."

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