Chapter 22

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If there's one thing that Technoblade loathes, it's formal gatherings. It was not in his comfort zone at all. Every time he attended some kind of formal gathering, he would always be swarmed with people. Some would try to ask for favors, try to make deals, try to ask personal questions. He's even heard the low mumbling of negative comments directed toward him. While Technoblade agreed it's good to get out every now and then, he would much rather be in a more casual and small setting with Tyche, Philza, and his brothers.

He couldn't do that now, though. Tyche had returned and the people of the Nether demanded a celebration. Technoblade felt weary about having a party while he was still figuring out who exactly took Tyche. Don't get him wrong, he was elated and overwhelmingly relieved that Tyche returned but there was still an underlying danger underneath the comfort of having her back. With no one caught for her capture, Tyche is at the risk of being taken again. Technoblade moved on whenever he thought of what might happen if she was caught a second time. He couldn't think about it. The thought physically made him ill.

"Blood God, how would you describe the person or people who kidnapped Tyche?"

Technoblade took a slow, deep breath, eyes coldly glaring at the pigman woman standing in front of him.

"Tyche's case is not public and any knowledge about suspects is kept between the guards and I," Technoblade responded through clenched teeth. It felt routine to say something as bland as that, but the fact that they were talking about Tyche's kidnapping made him angry.

"Then, are you saying you haven't found them yet? Is that why everything is being kept a secret?"

Technoblade huffed, gripping the glass in his hand tightly. "This is a celebration for Tyche's return. If you're not here to celebrate, then I will have you escorted out of the fortress."

The lady pursed her lips and nodded curtly before heading off in the direction of the door. Technoblade closed his eyes briefly, trying to muster the courage to face the others. One down, a dozen to go.

"Blood God, are you taking any o-offerings?"

Technoblade opened his eyes and looked at the young blaze in front of him. He looked no older than Tommy... in blaze form. The popular hybrid motioned for him to elaborate, making the boy stumble over his words.

"I-Oh, It was just–um–I wanted to offer some netherite my family found the other day. I-I thought it could help with some of the supplies here." The blaze summoned three netherite ingots, holding them in front of Technoblade's chest.

"For what?"


"What's your goal? I'm smart enough to know not to accept offerings without the deals first."

The boy grumbled, the netherite ingots disappearing into thin air. Within a second, the kid had walked off in another direction.

Technoblade clenched his teeth. The boy's parents must have set him up to attempt to trick the Blood God into making a deal. They thought that sending their son would make it seem more inviting and innocent, but Technoblade knew better. He's made those mistakes before.

"Blood God, how is your relationship with Tyche now that she's returned?"

The powerful hybrid felt his stomach twist at the insensitive question. His ears tuned into the low mumbling that was starting to occur in the back of his head.

"That is none of your business," Technoblade responded curtly to show his distaste for the question.

"I'm sure she's shaken up by the experience," The person continued, ignoring Technoblade's comment, "Do you think this party was the right thing to do? Does Tyche blame you for what happened?"

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